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Sample ID & Measurement

For almost 50 years, AG has been reverse engineering solutions from even the most used of samples. This experience has taught us the importance of taking every aspect of a sample into account, whether it be damaged sections, blown-out portions or wear marks on specific sections, when designing a replacement part. We do this in consultation with you so that a replacement part ordered from AG not only matches the original, but in many cases, exceeds it in performance.

Over the years, we have seen samples in an enormous variety of materials and have extensive experience at identifying materials no matter how worn, damaged or burnt-out they are. We’re also well aware that when you’re looking to replace a part, you don’t always have the original materials information available and will be happy to work with your to identify what’s been working in the past, and to assist with selecting the best replacement for the future.

As a side benefit of our broad and comprehensive product range, AG has been exposed to a wide variety of applications in an enormous range of industries. We’ll be happy to use this experience to assist you in any way we can. For more information, or to request a visit from one of our experienced technical representatives, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.