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Reduce Friction, Corrosion and Wear with our Anti-Seize Lubrication Pastes and Sprays


Moisture, friction and all kinds of other influences can lead to damage such as corrosion, wear and even the seizure of machines and installations. Extensive repair and maintenance work, at considerable cost, is the result.

These problems are even more pronounced when the application conditions feature one (or more) of the following:

  • High operating temperatures.
  • High pressure loads.
  • Exposure to the weather.
  • Aggressive chemicals.
  • The influence of other media.

Our Weicon range of Anti-Seize Assembly Pastes have been specially developed for these requirements. They are used as protecting and separating agents (and lubricants) for highly stressed parts, especially at high temperatures.


In many demanding industrial applications, convention separating agents or lubricants (such as mineral oils and greases) cannot provide sufficient lubrication and protection. Since they are based on optimally balanced solids and specially selected additives, the Weicon Anti-Seize range can be used in these extreme environments, and provide long lasting performance.

The basic components in our Anti-Seize solutions are made from synthetic oils. These have a considerably lower sulphur content than products containing mineral oil. A residue-free vaporisation of the oil at temperatures between +200°C and +250°C is therefore possible.

This is particularly important in the case of stainless steels (e.g. for VA material) to prevent stress-corrosion cracking.

Due to the special formulation and the very fine grinding of the solids contained in Weicon Anti-Seize, irregularities in the surface being protected are completely filled – even to a layer thickness of only 12 μm. Only a perfectly sealed surface guarantees a reliable protection against corrosion. An additional sealing effect thus results for special applications, such as flange connections.

Weicon Anti-Seize Lubricating and Assembly Pastes protect against the following:

  • Corrosion, seizure and wear.
  • Stick-slip phenomena.
  • Oxidation and fretting corrosion.
  • Electrolytic reactions (aka cold welding).

All grades of Weicon Anti-Seize are free of sulphurous additives and halogens.

They have good adhesion characteristics and are abrasion proof. They are also resistant to hot, cold and salt water. Their extremely low friction also allows for easy disassembly of treated components when it is required.


In addition, Weicon Anti-Seize assembly pastes are excellent lubrication for statically high-stressed parts and slowly rotating machines (as long as corresponding re-lubrication intervals are observed).

With their dual capabilities as lubricants and corrosion protection agents, Weicon Anti-Seize offer the benefit of rationalisation; in terms of saving time, reducing the need for multiple maintenance products, and reducing costs.

These products are used quite sparingly. At a layer thickness of 0.01mm, 1kg of Anti-Seize is enough to cover a surface area of approximately 45m².

Our 4 Types of Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricants.

To suit the needs of different applications we are pleased to offer four different types of Anti-Seize. These are high quality, long lasting and effective lubrication and protection products but their composition and performance capabilities differ.

Together the four different grades cover everything from common marine, automotive and facility maintenance work, to demanding food grade, high temp or aggressive chemical applications. All are available in a range of sizes and container styles and the differences between each is summarised below:

Weicon Copper Paste

Copper Anti Seize Paste Being Applied To A Threaded Fitting

Colour: Copper.

Basic Oil: Mineral Oil.

Solid Lubricant: Copper / Graphite.

Thickener: Aluminium Complex Soap.

Temperature Resistance: -20°C to +1,100°C

Friction Total: 0.12µ

VKA Welding Load Test: 3200 N (DIN 51350)

Copper Paste is corrosion resistant and strong. It contains no sulphur, lead or nickel.

Weicon Copper Paste is used as an assembly lubricant for all kinds of threaded joints and sliding surfaces. It forms an effective lubricating and separating film which protects the functional surfaces on plug-in tools, wear bushings, screws, and all kinds of threaded, plug-in and bayonet joints against corrosion and seizing.

It can be used to reduce vibration on brake blocks and guides, brake cams and pins, car and truck battery terminals and other electrical connections, wheel bolts and nuts, and on wear bushings at electrical, compressed air and hydraulic hammers. The product can be used in many industrial applications.

Weicon Anti-Seize

Colour: Anthracite.

Basic Oil: Synthetic Oil Mixture.

Temperature Resistance: -180°C to +1,200°C

Pressure Load: 230N/mm²

Coefficient of Friction Total: 0.14µ

VKA Welding Load Test: 4400 N (DIN 51350)

Weicon Anti-Seize is used as a protecting, separating and lubricating agent for highly stressed parts. Ideally compatible solid contents and selected additives enable a wide range of usage.

Anti-Seize protects against corrosion, seizure and wear, stick-slip phenomena, oxidation, fretting corrosion and electrolytic reactions (“cold welding“).

Weicon Anti-Seize High Tech

Weicon Anti Seize Metal Free, High Tech Being Applied

Colour: White.

Basic Oil: Medicinal Oil.

Temperature Resistance: -40°C to +1,400°C

Pressure Load: 230N/mm²

Coefficient of Friction Total: 0.13µ

VKA Welding Load Test: 3800 N (DIN 51350)

Anti-Seize High-Tech is resistant to very high temperatures, has excellent separating characteristics, is metal-free, neutral to materials and has an NSF approval.

Anti-Seize High Tech is particularly suitable when metal-containing pastes can cause electrolytic reactions, when nickel-containing products should or may not be used due to health reasons and when dark metal containing products should or may not be used for optical reasons.

Weicon Anti-Seize Nickel

Weicon Anti-Seize Nickel Range

Colour: Anthracite.

Basic Oil: Synthetic Oil.

Temperature Resistance: -40°C to +1,400°C

Pressure Load: 230N/mm²

Coefficient of Friction Total: 0.15µ

VKA Welding Load Test: 2000 N (DIN 51350)

The assembly paste was developed to resist extreme conditions. It is highly sticky, water repellent and resistant to sweet, salt and hot water as well as steam. The high nickel component furthermore provides protection against corroding and corrosive solvents which are contained in diluted hydrochloric acid, sulphur or nitric acid, among others. Anti-Seize Nickel can be applied at a large temperature range between -30°C to +1,450°C.

Anti-Seize Nickel serves as corrosion protection and high-performance fitting grease for static and dynamically extremely stressed screw connections and installation parts and the application at slowly rotating system in the high-temperature range.

The paste protects against corrosion, seizing, wear, stick-slip effects, oxidation and friction corrosion as well as electrolytic reactions, the so-called cold-sealing. For example, Anti-Seize Nickel can be used on seals, valves, screw connections, gear wheels, bearings, jets, conveyor belts, studs, tools or cylinders.

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