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Weicon Plast-o-Seal

Material AG000462S01 Category

Weicon Plast-o-Seal

A quality plastic sealant that can be used to seal close fitting connections or as an aid to the performance of conventional style gaskets.

Permanently plastic and non-hardening, this versatile sealant can be used in a variety of applications.

Plast-o-Seal is a universal type of sealant used to seal up close fitting pipe connections or as a sealing aid for traditional types of cork or fibre gaskets.

This product is permanently plastic and non hardening. Bright blue in colour, Plast-o-Seal is based on polyester resins and is completely free of solvents. Plast-o-Seal does not emit unpleasant odours when being used and enable immediate assembly of connections.

This sealing compound is designed to be used without a gasket for sealing closely mated flanges (up to 0.1mm gap covering power) or to enhance the performance of a cork or fibre gasket. It helps compensate for damage to the flange faces (such as scratches or scoring) and allows accurate assembly of connections with low tolerances. It also eradicates the need to overtighten flanges and is non-sag so it can be applied to vertically aligned surfaces.

Technical Details
Colour Fluorescent Blue
Basis Polyester Resin
Viscosity at 25ºC Brookfield 950,000 – 1,650,000 mPa
Maximum Gap
Filling Capacity
(Without a Gasket)
Temperature Resistance -50ºC to +200ºC
(+250°C Short-Term)
Available Sizes

Plast-o-Seal is available from Associated Gaskets in 90gm Tubes, 120gm Brush-Top Containers and 300gm Cartridges.

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