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Refrasil Tape

Material AG000797S01 Category

Refrasil Tape

Refrasil Woven Thermal Insulation Tapes are designed for heat protection and insulation in extreme temperatures up to 982°.

Available in a range of thicknesses and widths to suit your application requirements.

AG’s range of Refrasil Woven Thermal Insulation Tapes provide a range of benefits when it comes to thermal insulation, energy savings, electrical insulation and more.

These premium quality heat insulating tapes are produced from very high purity silica fibres. They can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures as high as 982°C.

Woven Refrasil Tapes also exhibit excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties. Their high temperature tolerance ensures lasting performance in even the most extreme environments.

Typical applications for these tapes include:

  • Cable insulation and protection.
  • Hose wraps.
  • Welding blanket edge and seam binding.
  • Pipe lagging.
  • Mop curtains for belt furnaces.

Available Sizes

Manufactured in the USA, our Refrasil Tapes are available in 1.5mm Thick and 3mm Thick varieties as standard. Both come in a range of widths.

This type of Refrasil Tape is not adhesive backed. For a high temperature tape with PSA applied for installation, please do contact us for more information.

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