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Industrial Grade Fibreglass Insulation Tape

Material AG000656S01 Category

Industrial Grade Fibreglass Insulation Tape

Provides resistance to temperatures reaching 500ºC whilst also possessing good mechanical strength, stability and flexibility.

Commonly used for high temperature door seals and for pipe wrapping applications.

Our standard grade of fibreglass insulation tape is manufactured from specially selected fibreglass yarns that are woven into a finished tape in a white loom state. This insulation tape offers resistance to temperatures reaching 500ºC whilst also offering good mechanical strength, reliable thickness, stability and flexibility.

This grade is available in two different styles, solid and ladder. The solid tape (pictured above) makes uses of a solid weave across the entire width of the tape and offers excellent thermal protection. The ladder tape (shown below) is a specially modified version of the solid which incorporates a series of purposefully placed holes down the middle of the tape which allows it to be easily placed over bolts or other items without risk of fraying.

AG’s industrial grade fibreglass insulation tape is often used for hose and cable wrapping to protect against heat or heat loss. It is also, on occasion, used in the production of our tadpole tapes and gaskets. Other applications have included stress relieving and pre-heat insulation in welding applications, as a support tape for single sided welding and as a jointing for oven & boiler door flanges.

Both styles of AG’s industrial grade fibreglass tapes are available in a wide range of styles and thicknesses.

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