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FRAS Slit Rubber Strip, Black, 65 Duro

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FRAS Slit Rubber Strip, Black, 65 Duro

AG’s extensive slitting facilities mean that we can offer our high quality FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static) Rubber in custom slit rolls. We can produce this material in custom sized widths ranging from 6mm to greater than 1200mm (for some thicknesses) and combine this flexibility with the option of supplying in custom lengths or with holes punched at specified intervals along the section.

AG’s FRAS Rubber Rolls are typically used for lining, skirting or sealing applications in environments that must be free of any ignition points or potential fire hazards. These custom sized rolls are ideal for underground mining applications and are available on short turn-around times to allow for unscheduled maintenance.

For more information on our capacity to produce FRAS Rubber Rolls, or any other grade of custom sized slit rubber rolls, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

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FRAS Rubber, Black, 65 Duro Info Sheet
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FRAS Rubber, Black, 65 Duro TDS

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