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EPDM Ribbed Rubber Moulded Gaskets, PTFE Jacketed

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EPDM Ribbed Rubber Moulded Gaskets, PTFE Jacketed

Hybrid gaskets made from EPDM Rubber with a PTFE coating on the sealing surface.

Designed to create effective seals at low bolt loads thanks to the moulded, ribbed sealing faces. The PTFE coating provides exceptional chemical resistance against aggressive media.

Available in a range of sizes.

Our range of PTFE Jacketed gaskets are designed for critical applications in the chemical processing industry.

These hybrid gaskets are made from moulded, ribbed EPDM rubber combined with a PTFE coating on the inner diameter. The ribbed rubber allows for exceptional sealing performance at low bolt loads while the PTFE jacketing exhibits exceptional chemical resistance and effectively withstands attack from most acids and alkalis.

These EPDM / PTFE full face flange gaskets also have excellent resistance to UV, ozone and variable weather conditions.

EPDM Ribbed Rubber Moulded Gaskets, PTFE Jacketed are able to withstand temperatures between -30°C and +150°C (they are limited by the EPDM in this regard). They are used at sealing pressures up to 2 MPa.

Available Sizes.

AG stocks these gaskets in a number of different sizes to suit various flange specifications. To enquire, please contact your local AG Branch.

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