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A Grade Engineering Felt

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A Grade Engineering Felt

A high density white sealing felt, A Grade Engineering felt is perfect for felt gaskets, lubricating wicks and many more industrial felt applications.

Available in a range of thicknesses (1.6mm through 25mm), this felt can be supplied by the metre or cut to suit your requirements.

AG’s A Grade Engineering Felt is a durable and dense material used for a wide range of industrial applications. Some typical uses include heavy-duty gaskets, lubricating wicks and tension pads and wipers though the full list is far larger and should not be read to be comprehensive.

White in colour, this versatile felt material is manufactured with a minimum wool content of 95% and has a density of 0.34 g/cm³. As an industrial grade felt, our A Grade Engineering Felt is perfect for applications which require a compressible and highly conformable material that is going to continue to perform over a long and demanding service life.

Available Sizes of A Grade Engineering Felt

A Grade Engineering Felt is available from AG in standard rolls that are 1520mm wide and in thicknesses which range from 1.6mm through to 25.4mm. Roll length varies depending on thickness though this material is most often supplied by the metre or in cut components.

We also offer this long-lasting material by the metre and in cut component form. Whether you require precisely cut felt strips, slit felt rolls or complex shapes our extensive fabrication facilities can product the exact felt component you require.

Standard Thicknesses of A Grade Engineering Felt

1.6mm 9.5mm
3.2mm 12.7mm
4.8mm 16mm
6.4mm 19mm
8mm 25.4mm

For information on a lower density felt, please see the page on our B Grade Engineering Felt or contact your local AG to discuss the other felt options we may be able to provide..

Additional Information and Resources

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Engineering Felts Info Sheet
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A Grade Engineering Felt TDS

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