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3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape

Material AG000602P01 Category

3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape

3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape is a premium quality double sided adhesive tape that combines excellent conformability and compressibility with long lasting performance and excellent adhesion. This tape has been engineered by 3M and is slit to size by AG so that it can be provided in the exact width you require for your work.

One of the thicker grades in the large 3M VHB Tape family, 3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape has a total thickness of 2.3mm. This tape is produced from a grey conformable foam which is coated on both sides with 3M’s General Purpose VHB adhesive. This acrylic based adhesive provides excellent adhesive to a range of high and medium surface energy materials including metals, glass and a variety of plastics (including plasticized vinyl).

Since it has a little extra thickness and good conformability, 3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape is particularly suitable for bonding and adhering across larger gaps and on irregular surfaces.

Performance Characteristics
Tape Colour Grey
Liner Colour Red (Printed)
Tape Thickness (±15%) 2.3mm
Adhesive Multi-Purpose
Foam Type Conformable
Density 720 kg/m³
Release Liner Material PE Film
Release Liner Thickness 0.125mm
90º Peel Adhesion 385 N/100mm
Normal Tensile Strength 480 kPa
Dynamic Overlap
Shear Strength
450 kPa
Short Term Temperature
Resistance (Minutes, Hours)
Long Term Temperature
Resistance (Days, Weeks)


Available Sizes

3M 4991 Double Sided VHB Tape is available in 32.9mtr (36 yard) long rolls as standard. These rolls are on a standard, 3″ ID core.

Utilising our own, in-house, slitting facilities AG can convert this tape to whatever width you require for your application. For more information on available sizes, or assistance in determining whether this high quality VHB tape is the right choice for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

3M™ and VHB™ are trademarks of 3M™.


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