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Product Coding & Traceability

AG’s commitment to service extends to the structure and capabilities of our in-house order management system. This system has been designed to enable us to utilise either our own or customers product codes for both standard materials and custom fabricated items. This allows you the option of having your codes and descriptions appear on all AG paperwork, as well as the tags that are placed on the actual packaging itself.

This option may assist many companies with quick check-in and stocktake of goods supplied by AG as well as more accurate identification of materials in a store environment. Should this be the case, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch where we will be happy to assist with setting up this facility for future purchases.

In addition to offering the option of utilising custom coding and descriptions, AG is also happy to offer full traceability on all purchases. This means that we’ll keep detailed records of the type, quantity, dimensions and particulars of all your purchases with us ensuring they are filed under both your order number reference and our own shipping and invoice numbers.

Knowing AG has the records means that any time a repeat of a previously supplied item is required, organising correct supply will be as simple as making a phone call with a previous reference number handy. We can even record other traceability numbers (such as your job numbers) if this will be easier for you.