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Plant Maintenance Solutions

Being independent allows AG to select, manufacture or source the right product for the application irrespective of “brand name”. Working together, we at AG assist your plant personnel in capturing and cataloging items not previously documented.

AG helps to identify regularly used components required for plant maintenance shuts and to organise, label and supply the required product solutions in kit form – flexibility still exists to order individual components.

AG offers

  • An emergency call out service to assist with inspection, problem diagnosis, measuring and delivery requirements.
  • Holding of specialised stock at our closest branch to minimise plant down time.
  • Close monitoring and coordination with your personnel to help solve sealing and heat related problems whilst ensuring material availability.
  • Custom solutions which result in cost saving due to reduced downtime and less frequent maintenance requirements.

AG’s commitment to service means that we are constantly striving to improve and expand the range of options we can provide. For more information on the variety of ways we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.