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Our Copper Anti-Seize Paste

Weicon Copper Paste is a high quality protecting, separating and lubricating agent manufactured from a combination of copper and graphite particles combined with special additives.

In this short post, we cover what it’s used for, the benefits it offers and some of its’ more important features.

What is Weicon Copper Paste

Our Copper Paste is a type of anti-seize compound. Made from a combination of copper and mineral oil it lubricates parts to stop them seizing up. 

It also helps to reduce wear so it is often used to increase the lifetime of stressed components and connections.

Our Copper Paste is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and used around the world in everything from day-to-day marine maintenance through to demanding industrial applications in extreme environments.

This type of anti-seize is probably one of the more traditional types. Newer styles that are metal free or based on other metal compounds (e.g. nickel) are also widely used. 

Copper Anti-Seize still continues to be the go to for many applications though as it offers a good combination of performance and economy.

Where is Copper Anti-Seize Used

Weicon Copper Paste can be utilized in a wide range of applications due to its temperature rating of between -20°C to +1100°C.

It also has strong chemical resistance. It can be used in salt-water environments and effectively protects against rust and corrosion.

Weicon Copper Anti Seize Paste is used to reduce vibration on brake blocks, guides, cams and pins.

It is also used on battery terminals and other connections.

Copper Paste is also suitable for wheel bolts, nuts, compressed air and hydraulic hammers.

Copper Paste App Image

Available Sizes and More Information

Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer Weicon Copper Paste in a range of pack sizes. 

Many of those listed below are generally available ex-stock. Some may require a special order. Please do contact us for more information on availability.

Size Package Type
30gm Pen
85gm Squeeze Tube
120gm Brush Top Container
200ml Press-Pack
400gm Cartridge
450gm Container
500gm Brush Top Container
1kg Container
10kg Container

Copper Paste Resources

Below you’ll find links to our Weicon Copper Paste TDS, SDS and Info Sheets.

If you would like assistance with pricing, availability or determining if this quality anti-seize product is right for your application, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets Branch. 

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