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New Video Demonstrating AG’s Slitting and Tape Conversion Facilities

In our experience, a precise and accurate width is often a critical factor for our customers when determining the performance and ease of use of a tape. To be sure we can provide the exact tape required, for years now AG has run a full slitting and tape conversion service and we thought it might be time to give our customers some more information about it.

The video below shows one of our slitting machines in action and also contains a bit of information about the types of materials we can slit, what sizes can be catered for and what other services are available. More information can also be found below the video.

AG Slitting and Tape Conversion

As stated in the video, AG is able to slit many different varieties of rubber, felt, foam, paper, films, cork and many other specialized materials stocked by AG. We also have years of experience converting special materials supplied by our customers including re-rolling their material to specific lengths and applying coatings such as adhesive backings and interleaves. Our state-of-the-art machinery is able to handle log-rolls measuring up to 1800mm wide which (depending on the material) can be slit to rolls measuring as thin as 1mm wide.

AG also offers kiss-cutting, die-cutting and wave cutting facilities, making us a true one-stop shop for all your slitting and tape conversion requirements. To obtain a quote, or for more information about our slitting services, don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

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