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A new option for increasing the life of belt driven equipment

Associated Gaskets is pleased to announce the introduction of our new, easy to use solution for increasing the efficiency and service life of all kinds on industrial belting equipment; Weicon Belt Dressing Spray.

This specialised, German-made product reduces slipping and allows the transmission of complete driving power. The precision-formulated mix of synthetic elastomers penetrates deep into the pores of the belting material and works to increase friction, improve adhesion and ensure smooth operation.

Weicon Belt Dressing Spray also works to prevent static charging and suppress any squeaks and noises that may be noticeable during operation.

This efficient technical spray adheres and begins to work immediately which minimises any downtime for the equipment. Once applied it protects the belt against aging, slicing and abrasion.

Part of our range of adhesive lubricant sprays, Weicon Belt Dressing Spray is able to be used on a variety of different belt types (including those made from rubber, canvas, leather or PVC) and equipment. These include:

  • V-belts
  • Link belts
  • Drive belts
  • Lat belts
  • Round belts
  • Toothed belts
  • Transmission belts
  • Ripped belts
  • Conveyor belts

It should not be used on belts in automotive applications as it can present a soiling hazard.

For more information on our new Weicon Belt Dressing Spray please click here to visit the new product page for this spray or contact your local AG branch.

Weicon Belt Dressing Spray in UseWeicon Belt Dressing Spray being Used

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