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New Electrical Testing Facilities for High and Low Voltage Systems

Since Associated Gaskets began supplying electrical insulation materials many decades ago, we have partnered with the Isovolta Group to help us provide our customers with the highest quality, best performing insulation materials available. It is on these products that we stake our reputation day after day – and as our customers know, they haven’t let us down.

Isovolta products are known for their consistent quality and reliable performance. To ensure this remains true, Isovolta have continued to invest in comprehensive testing equipment while maintaining their focus on ongoing R&D, product development and cooperation with partners to maintain an understanding of an ever changing market.

The Isovolta Test and Training Centre (ITTC)

It is because of this strong relationship that AG is now able to offer our customers access to the benefits of Isovolta’s newly expanded state-of-the-art testing facilities located in Werndorf, Austria. The facilities at the Isovolta Test and Training centre (ITTC) allow testing of high and low voltage electrical insulation materials (EIM’s) and systems (EIS’s) as well as analysing, evaluating and benchmarking them for best performance.

The overall electrical testing facility is comprised of a number of modern laboratories and state of the art-measuring systems. Some of these include:

♦ Hydraulic Presses
♦ Automatic and semi-automatic taping machines
♦ Machining facilities
♦ Equipment to conduct multi-stress tests
♦ Analytic Devices
♦ VPI laboratory

Isovolta Electrical Testing Facilities 2

Electrical Testing

A range of AC and DC electrical tests as well as failure analysis can be conducted, including:

♦ Breakdown tests in air and oil
♦ Partial discharge tests
♦ Dielectric dissipation factor and power factor (tip up)
♦ 50 – 400 Hz test frequency
♦ AC loss characteristic and permittivity
♦ Dielectric withstand tests
♦ Surge tests
♦ Testing of turn/conductor insulation
♦ Determination of electric and magnetic characteristic of insulation materials

Electrical Testing Clamped Busbars

Long-Term Ageing Tests

Isovolta’s Voltage Endurance Test (VET) cells are equipped with powerful transformers, voltage control units, reliable safety devices and clean ozone exhaust systems to guarantee accurate and safe testing. This allows for testing at up to 50 kV AC and combined electrical and thermal ageing can be performed with temperature controlled heating panels.

Coils wrapped with glass tape

Multi-Stress Tests

The combination of several ovens, a vibrating table and a spacious humidity chamber allow parallel testing and measurement as EIM’s and EIS’s can be exposed to high temperatures, mechanical stress and moisture until point of failure. This allows for incredibly accurate identification of maximum performance and clear understanding of potential areas for improvement in any insulation configuration.

Analytic & Diagnostic Tests

The Isovolta testing centre can perform many different tests to determine the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of EIM’s and EIS’s.  These analytic and diagnostic tests include:

♦ Insulation Resistance (IR)
♦ Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
♦ Polarization Index (PI)
♦ Surface and Volume Resistance
♦ Rheometer and viscometer
♦ Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
♦ Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
♦ Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
♦ Infrared Spectroscopy
♦ Microscopic Analysis
♦ Thermal Conductivity

Isovolta Electrical Testing 1

VPI Laboratory Plant

The modern Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plant is able to handle different kinds of impregnating resins such as epoxy-anhydride systems, single component epoxy resins and polyimide or silicone resins. Because the machine is highly flexible and readily able to change and vary its settings, process parameters can be easily adjusted according to the components and applications used.

The machine is capable of handling bars and coils up to a maximum length of 1.6 metres as well as small stators, rotors and mock-ups. All important parameters (vacuum level, pressure, temperature, capacity, & plant settings) are recorded and able to be reproduced.

The plant is manned by very experienced operators who have gained a lot of practical know-how by performing several hundred impregnation’s over many years, while continuing to adapt and improve methods used in the entire impregnating process.

Test Standards and Methods

The Isovolta Testing and Training Centre performs tests according to a range of internationally recognised standards and methods. More specifically, specific testing can be done for…

♦ Breakdown in air and oil
♦ Electrical insulation system evaluation in accordance with IEC 60034-18-1,-31,-32, IEEE 1776
♦ Electrical insulation material evaluation according to IEC 60216
♦ Breakdown voltage test acc. to IEC 60243-1 (AC) and IEC 60243-2 (DC), ASTM D 149
♦ Voltage endurance test acc. to IEEE 1043 and IEEE 1553, IEC 60034-18-32 and IEC 60727
♦ Dielectric dissipation factor / permittivity acc. to IEC 60250, ASTM D 150
♦ Power factor tip up acc. to IEEE 286, IEC 60894
♦ Partial discharge test acc. to IEEE 1434, IEC 60270 and IEC 60034-27
♦ Thermal cycling a.. to IEEE 1310, IEC 60034-18-34
♦ Testing of turn insulation acc. to IEEE 522, IEC 60034-15
♦ Insulation resistance acc. to IEEE 43, IEC 60093 and IEC 60167
♦ Thermal conductivity acc. to ASTM E1530
♦ KEMA standards S-13, S-14, S-17-2

Voltage Electrical Testing

Arranging a test

Whether you require assistance in identifying the problems with an individual motor or would like assistance with designing an overall insulation system for an entire motor class, arranging assistance is easy; simply contact AG and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced customer service personnel.  We can also arrange to have one of our technical representatives visit you to discuss your requirements if preferred.

Isovolta Electrical Testing Machinery

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