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Introducing Weicon Repair Stick Wood

AG understands that there are many solutions on the market for making repairs to wooden parts and surfaces. But unlike competitors’ products, Weicon Repair Stick Wood has been specifically engineered to emulate the density of wood, meaning it better matches the surface to which it is applied.

This high-quality epoxy resin system can be used to quickly patch cracks and holes, seal gaps and fix broken off parts on a wide range of timber applications such as windows and doors, timber frames, furniture, models and toys to name a few. Once cured, it sets hard and can be painted, sanded, dripped, tapped, filed or machined.

Available in 28gm or 56gm tubes that can be easily opened and re-sealed, there has never been an easier solution for all your timber repair and maintenance requirements! If you still need proof, just watch the short video below…

For more information, click here to navigate to the full webpage or simply contact your local AG branch where our trained sales staff will be able to assist with any of your inquiries.

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