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Introducing the new Weicon App for IOS and Android

AG’s mission to provide our customers with exceptional, individualized service requires us to constantly source goods that are uncompromising in quality. For all kinds of adhesives, silicones, lubricating compounds, technical sprays, fluids and more we are proud to have partnered with Weicon.

Long recognised as a world leader for innovation in the industrial consumables industry, Weicon now moves further ahead of their competition with the release of the new, incredibly useful, free Weicon App; available on both Android and IOS devices. To find out more, a video and further information can be found below..


Products App Button PRODUCTS

With a sleek, user-friendly design, information on the entire range of Weicon products is at your fingertips, any time, wherever you are. With easy-to-use search functionality, browse the entire range of One Part and Two Part Adhesives, Easy-mix Adhesives, Lubricating Compounds, Technical Sprays, Liquids and more. Find product information, documents, application examples and videos in no time. You can then send this information via email, add products to your favourites or should you have questions, contact Weicon directly from the app.


Adhesive Finder App Button ADHESIVE FINDER

Weicon’s revolutionary adhesive finder is built directly in to the app, allowing you to easily identify the correct adhesive for your application. We’ve spoken about the benefits of the web version of this tool before (and shown how useful it can be in this video) and the version included in the Weicon App is no different. Simply use the options provided to enter the basic parameters of your application (such as the materials being bonded and temperature range) and the app will provide you with a selection of compatible Weicon adhesives with links to further information for each.



Use the application area’s function to find Weicon products based on your personal application area. From Agricultural Technologies to the Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries, the Weicon App provides information on what products have been tailored specifically for use in various industries and what they have been used for. You can also browse by specific field of application and receive a unique recommendation from the app.


Download App Button DOWNLOAD

Gain instant access to Weicon’s extensive library of Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), catalogues, brochures, flyers and videos available for download direct from the app. The many product videos included here are particularly useful as they serve as a quick, easy to understand reference for instructions on how to use different types and grades of glues and adhesives.


E-scanner App Button CODE-SCANNER

Use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to scan bar codes and QR codes from Weicon Products to see all relevant information including their Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets. Send or store this information in your favourites with the tap of a button. Incredibly handy for keeping track of items for re-order.



Whether you are in charge of procurement for your organization, a salesman, an engineer out in the field or a DIY home user, the new Weicon App is an invaluable resource designed to make your life easier. So download it today!



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