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New and Expanded Product Overview

AG is excited to announce the release of our new and improved Product Overview Brochure and we couldn’t be more excited for you to see it.

Now available in hard copy or for download as a PDF, this new brochure takes our now redundant 22-page overview to a whole new level. With over 140 pages of information on our company, product range and the services that we provide, it’s a valuable reference for any business that has a requirement for industrial supplies.

Each product page contains a plethora of information about products as well as pictures, tips for use, some technical information and more. Read on to learn more about exactly what’s covered inside.


Adhesives & Sealants

Divided into 13 product categories, the Adhesives and Sealants section of our product overview brochure contains information on the hundreds of contact adhesives, superglues, epoxies, liquid gaskets and many more products that make up our complete offering.

Browse through product photos, application photos and handy tips to help you select the best adhesive or sealant for your application.

With a range as large as this, you can be sure that we will have the bonding solution you require.


Here is the full list of Adhesives and Sealants featured in our new Product Overview Brochure

  • Contact Adhesives 
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesives / Superglues 
  • Epoxy Adhesives
  • Structural Adhesives 
  • MS Polymer Elastic Adhesives 
  • Silicone Adhesives & Sealants
  • Polyurethane Elastic Adhesives 
  • Epoxy Repair Sticks 
  • Urethane Compounds & Coatings 
  • Plastic Metal Epoxy Adhesives and Coatings 
  • Liquid Gasket Adhesives
  • Weiconlock Threadlocking & Retaining Adhesives

Electrical Insulation & Conductors


Over the years, our range of electrical insulation and conductors has grown rapidly, as we listened and responded to the demands of the market.

Today, we are pleased to include over 30 categories of insulation laminates, tapes, tubes, rods along with an enormous number of other complementary products that make up the range. AG has become the supplier of choice for many companies in the electric motor rewinding and electronics industries who require the right goods, fast.

Browse through the brochure to find out more about the custom fabricated and off-the shelf items that we are currently supplying to this industry.

Here is the full list of Electrical Insulation & Conductors featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

  • Cable 
  • Conductive & Semi-Conductive Laminates
  • Epoxy Glass Laminates
  • Mica Based Materials 
  • Polyester Glass Materials 
  • Synthetic Resin Bonded Materials
  • Specialised Rigid Insulation Materials 
  • Electrical Rods, Tubes & Pultrusions
  • Rubberised & Plasticized Electrical Tapes 
  • Cloth & Woven Electrical Tapes
  • Film Electrical Tapes 
  • Paper Electrical Tapes 
  • Mica Electrical Tapes
  • EMI Electrical Tapes 
  • Specialised Electrical Tapes 
  • Insulating Mastics
  • Electrical Varnished & Coatings 
  • Dry, Single Layer Flexible Insulation Materials
  • Film & Glass Flexible Insulation Materials
  • Motor Winding Accessories
  • Stand-off Insulators 
  • Multi-Layered Composite Flexible Insulation Materials
  • Electrical Epoxies & Resins 
  • Porous Flexible Insulation Materials 
  • Resin-impregnated Insulation Materials 
  • Electrical Putties & Compounds 
  • Electrical Insulation Kits
  • Terminal Blocks 
  • Electrical Ropes & Cords 
  • Electrical Sleevings
  • Preformed Flexible Wedges / Top-Sticks 
  • Cable & Wire Stripping & Dismantling Tools

Gaskets & Sealing

As you may know, AG begun as a gasket company which is why you will find the Gasket & Sealing section of the brochure jam packed with over 25 categories of gasket materials, gasket tapes, finished gaskets and a range or complementary products including gasket tools and punches.To remain at the forefront of an industry that is always changing it is important that we continually update our range to ensure it includes the best solution for your application.

From simple Automotive Jointing to specialised materials designed to seal the most aggressive of chemicals, browse through a pictures and information in a simple, easy-to-read format.


Here is the full list of Gaskets & Sealing Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

  • Economical Gasket Materials 
  • General-purpose Gasket Materials 
  • Plastic Shim
  • Premium Gasket Materials 
  • Graphite & Mica Based Gasket Materials 
  • RTJ’s
  • PTFE Based Gasket Materials 
  • Industrial Rubber Materials 
  • Premium Rubber Materials
  • Specialized Rubber Materials 
  • Sponge and Foam Gasket Materials 
  • Felt 
  • Cork
  • Spiral wound Gaskets 
  • Kammprofile Gaskets 
  • Corrugated & Metal Jacketed Gaskets
  • Flange Isolation Kits 
  • Boiler Gaskets 
  • O-Rings & Quad Rings 
  • Gland Packing
  • Rubber & Sponge Extrusions 
  • Moulded Components 
  • Sealing Tapes 
  • PTFE Tapes and Threadseal Cord 
  • Packing Tools 
  • Gasket Cutting & Hole Punching Tools

Specialised & Safety Products

AG no longer considers itself just a gasket company, our enormous range or product instead makes us more of an industrial supplier. Our huge offering of specialised and safety products make up a big part of our large range.

Featured in the brochure are pictures and information on all of our specialised products like lubricating and separating sprays, cleaning sprays, dispensing tools, industrial tapes and more as well as safety products like reflective tapes, anti-slip tapes, Fingersavers and flange spray shields. If you already buy from AG, it is certainly worth browsing this section to discover some of the many more products that we can supply to you.

Here is the full list of Specialised & Safety Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Anti-slip Materials 
  • Fingersavers 
  • Flange Spray Shields
  • Reflective Tape & Components 
  • Welding Blankets 
  • All-round Lubricants
  • Anti-seize Lubricating & Separating Compounds 
  • Adhesive Lubricant & Grease Sprays
  • Care & Protection Sprays & Liquids 
  • Cleaning & Degreasing Sprays & Liquids
  • Solvents & Separating Sprays & Liquids 
  • Lubricating & Multi-functional Sprays & Liquids
  • Specialty Sprays 
  • Spray Adhesives 
  • Surface & Corrosion Protection Sprays & Paints
  • Dispensing Tools & Aids 
  • Pipe Repair & Protection Tapes 
  • Double Sided Tapes
  • Masking Tapes 
  • Other Specialized Industrial Tapes 
  • Skeg Marine Bearings
  • Other Specialized Industrial Products

Gaskets & Sealing

Do you need a product to help with heat containment or thermal insulation? Our massive range covers everything from high temperature cloths and tapes, thermal batts, blankets, felts, and much more.

Made from a huge range of materials including aramid, fibreglass, ceramic, silica and more we offer a range of off-the-shelf products and also custom fabricated items made to your exact specifications.

Take a look through the brochure at some of the insulation products that we sell and also some of the amazing solutions that we have manufactured for customers in the past.


Here is the full list of Thermal Insulation Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

  • Ceramic Fibre Boards 
  • Millboard 
  • Silicone Bonded Mica 
  • Sindanyo 
  • Thermiculite
  • Aramid Cloths 
  • Ceramic Cloths 
  • Fibreglass Cloths 
  • Refrasil Cloths
  • Lytherm High Temperature Insulation Papers 
  • Aramid Tapes 
  • Ceramic Tapes
  • Fibreglass Tapes 
  • Fibreglass Tapes 
  • Refrasil Tapes 
  • Tadpole Tape 
  • Thermal Batts  
  • Bulk Thermal Fibre 
  • Thermal Insulation Felts 
  • Aramid Insulation Ropes & Cord
  • Fibreglass Insulation Ropes, Cords & Sleeving 
  • Refrasil Insulation Ropes & Sleeving  
  • Thermal Adhesives & Compounds
  • Custom Thermal Covers & Insulation Solutions
  • Ceramic Insulation Ropes, Cords & Sleeving 

Check out some of the great features in the E-version of the brochure…

Did you know that the electronic version of our Product Overview Brochure contains handy bookmarks and hyperlinks? That’s right, click on any item in the table of contents to navigate straight to the corresponding page. Also, click on any product heading to visit that items product page on our official website! There you will be able to access even more information, photos and technical data.

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