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Info on our Weiconlock for Thread and Pipe Sealing Now Available At

Associated Gaskets is pleased to announce the publication of information on each and every one of our Thread and Pipe Sealing Weiconlock Anaerobic Adhesives. These high quality sealants are specially designed to bond and seal between two metals surfaces and are perfect for ensuring that threaded pipes, fittings or connections remain permanently sealed.

The Weiconlock for Pipe and Thread Sealing range includes grades with varying degrees of temperature resistance, cure strength and viscosity. They also vary by colour and are available in a number of different size bottles.

All the grades feature outstanding reliability, chemical resistance and ease of use as, due to their special formulation, they will only cure when in contact with metal and not exposed to air. This means that there is essentially no pot life which allows you all the time you need to apply evenly and accurately.

Unlike many thread sealing tapes or other solutions, Weiconlock Anaerobic Adhesives are liquid and will fully fill any voids left in the threaded connection. This results in not just a excellent bond that prevents the escape of liquids or gases, but also a barrier that works to prevent against fretting corrosion.

These high quality thread and pipe sealing adhesives have been used all over the world for decades and have been tested according to the stringent requirements of some industries leading standards regulators. These include BAM, DVGW and KTW amongst others which means that within this range you will find pipe and thread sealing liquids approved for sealing potable water, gas or oxygen carrying equipment.

In addition to the product pages on each of the individual Weiconlock grades, we have also published our Weiconlock brochure, on page information sheet and a quick, easy to use reference page that summarises the differences between the various grades and allows you to make the right selection for your application.

The images below are included to illustrate just some of the potential uses for these high quality anaerobic adhesives while the video is presented to show just how easy these adhesives are to use. Of course, assistance and more information is always available from the helpful staff at your local Associated Gaskets should you ever require it.

Weiconlock AN 302-45 Pipe and Thread Sealer used to seal threaded pipeWeiconlock AN 305-11 Pipe and Thread Sealer in ApplicationWeiconlock AN 305-77 Pipe adn Thread Sealer used to seal threaded connections





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