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Oil and Gas

AG’s enormous range of products, coupled with our large stock holdings and commitment to service, ensure that we have the correct solution for the critical applications often found in the Oil and Gas industries. We combine large stock of raw materials with our extensive fabrication facilities so that quick deliveries, no matter what the time, can be achieved while our experienced personnel will be eager to assist with providing advice and support in any way they can.

The sections below highlight some of the product types we provide to our customers in the oil & gas sectors. More information on each, as well as countless other products and solutions, is available by contacting your local AG branch.

Spiral Wound and RTJ Gaskets for High PressuresMetallic Gaskets

For standard flange sizes, AG carries a large range of spiral wound gaskets available for immediate delivery. This range of stock includes our WR and WRI style spirals (in a variety of materials) as well as our more specialised styles. Custom sized spiral wound gaskets can be produced quickly to suit individual applications.

In addition to our range of spirals, AG offers a comprehensive range of RTJ gaskets for very high pressure connections. Typically used on API flanges, these solid metal gaskets are available in a number of different styles, materials, densities and sizes to suit practically all standard flange sizes. Specialised coatings and custom sized seals can also be provided when required.

Compression PackingsMarigold Compression Packings

Designed for sealing pumps and valves, AG’s range of Marigold packings includes grades capable of sealing almost any medium. These high quality packings include grades designed for very high temperatures, pressures and speeds and can be provided in standard or specialised lengths of fabricated into preformed packing rings for easy installation.

Common sizes (typically between 3mm and 25mm²) are often held in stock whilst non-standard sizes can also be produced to suit the needs of highly specialised installations.

Rubber Gaskets, Seals and ExtrusionsRubber Seals, Mouldings and Extrusions

AG’s range of rubber materials includes all common grades with each available in a number of different thicknesses, types and sizes. Most can be provided by the metre or roll (a limited number are available only in sheet form) or be supplied custom fabricated for quick installation and minimised wastage. Intricately and accurately cut gaskets and components, slit rubber tapes and complex expansion joints, extrusions and moulded components can also be provided in a range of materials matched to your applications requirements.

Compressed Fibre, Graphite and PTFE Based GasketsCompressed Fibre, Graphite and PTFE Based Gaskets

Offered in sheet or cut component form, AG has one of Australia’s largest ranges of gasket materials. Our brand independence means we’re able to offer the very best material for your application, regardless of manufacturer. We couple this flexibility with extensive stocks of a range of different materials, many of which are stocked in extra-large sheets to enable one-piece fabrication of large gaskets and components.

In addition to our range of quality compressed fibre materials, AG also offers a variety of graphite or PTFE based materials. The graphite based sheets are designed specifically for high temperature applications with a number of grades also featuring metallic reinforcements to increase their resistance to pressure. Conversely, the PTFE based materials offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and have a long service life, in even the harshest of sealing environments.

Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube and ComponentsPlastic Shims, Sheet, Rod & Tube

Available in sheet, tube, rod, cut or machined component form, AG offers a wide range of plastics used in a variety of sealing, wear, safety and structural applications. These include various grades of Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PTFE, PVC, Polycarbonate, Acetal and Acrylic all of which can be fabricated to suit your needs.

Fabrication options offered by AG includes everything from standard sheet, rod & tube cutting and machining through to highly complex moulding and treatment options.

Expansion JointsSilicone Coated Fibreglass Cloth Expansion Joint

All of AG’s expansion joints are made in house to suit the needs of individual applications. Drawing on our enormous range of gasket and insulation materials means that AG can produce expansion joints and bellows to suit even the most demanding of sealing or insulating applications.

Whether you require a single layer construction or a more complex multi-layer designs that both seals and insulated, our experienced team who will be happy to work with you to design the exact solution that your application requires.

Specialised Electrical Insulation MaterialsElectrical Insulation & Conductors

AG has an enormous range of electrical insulation materials capable of performance in diverse environments. This includes our range of rigid electrical insulation materials (e.g. densified wood, epoxy glass, polyester glass laminates), insulation tapes, flexible materials and specialised ropes, compounds and coatings.

Our experienced team will be happy to assist with identifying the best material for your application whilst our extensive fabrication facilities ensure that we can provide the exact component you require, on generally short lead times.

Specialised Tapes3M Specialised Tapes and Lables

By combining world leading materials with our extensive slitting and tape converting facilities, AG is able to offer high quality industrial tapes suitable for use in the demanding applications commonly found in the oil & gas sectors. This range includes our full variety of 3M adhesive, insulating, and specialised tapes in addition to all kinds of safety (lane marking, grip and reflective), high temperature, double sided and bonding tapes. Custom width rolls, specialised lengths and individual packaging can all be arranged to suit the needs of your application and systems.

Thermal InsulationThermal Insulation

AG’s huge range of insulation cloths, high temperature tapes, ropes, cords, compounds and sheets means we have the material needed for even the most demanding application. This range includes our Refrasil high temperature fabrics, ropes, tapes and batts (capable of up to 1260ºC), fibreglass ropes, batts, cloths and tapes and a full range of high temperature ceramic insulation.

With almost 50 years’ experience in providing insulation solutions for extreme temperatures, AG has the knowledge and expertise needed to assist with your application. For more information on the full range of options available, or assistance with material selection, application measurement or solution design, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.