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Marine and Shipbuilding

AG understands the critical nature of many marine applications and has developed a range of products designed to offer economical reliability and performance. Over the years we have gained valuable experience with the demands of the Marine & Shipbuilding industries and understand your need for fast, reliable solutions. Our extensive fabrication facilities coupled with our enormous stock holdings ensure we can deliver on time.

As a quality accredited company, AG can guarantee high quality fabrication of solutions for all manner of customised applications. This precision in fabrication is combined with a range of high quality raw materials, many of which meet common maritime standards such as Lloyds and various MIL-Specs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is also on hand to assist with material identification and selection and will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.

Rubber, Fibre, PTFE and Graphite GasketsGaskets and Seals

When it comes to soft cut gaskets for marine applications, AG has the wealth of experience, stock of materials and fabrication capabilities to assist. We couple our enormous stock of a wide range of rubbers and compressed fibre gasket materials with premium grades of chemically resistant PTFE sheeting and high temperature graphites to cover most applications.

AG’s standard grades of rubber are held in an enormous range of thicknesses, widths, densities and colours whilst our stock of compressed fibre sheets includes grades from many manufacturers which enables us to provide you with the most economical solution available, without compromising performance, regardless of brand. Regardless of whether you require sheet or cut gaskets in custom sizes, our commitment to service ensures that we can deliver on short lead times to match urgent repair requirements.

Metallic and Semi-Metallic GasketsMetallic Gaskets

Typically used in higher pressure applications, AG is proud to offer a full range of spiral wound gaskets, RTJ, Kammprofile and Corrugated gaskets and seals to the marine industry. These high quality gaskets are available in a wide variety of materials and configurations with standard sizes and the most popular configurations often available in stock for quick delivery.

Custom sized spirals, RTJs, KammProfile and Corrugated Metal Gaskets can all be produced to suit individual application requirements.

Gasket TapesGasket Tapes

Available from a wide range of materials, AG’s gasket tapes combine consistent, high quality performance with versatility, ease of use and economy; making them ideal for marine applications. Sealing tapes can be produced from all forms of our solid rubber, closed or open cell sponge or PTFE.

The vast majority of AG’s gasket tapes can be slit to suit custom requirements or provided with an adhesive backing to assist with installation.

Compression PackingsMarigold Compression Packings

AG’s range of Marigold packings includes a vast selection of styles designed to cover all types of pump and valve applications. The range includes packing capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, high pressures and attack from highly aggressive media. All of AG’s packings are available in spools, custom lengths or in fabricated preformed packing rings for easy installation.

Complimenting this range, AG is also pleased to offer a number of different packing extractors and other specialised tools.

Skeg Bearings

Skeg BearingDesigned for propeller shafts, AG’s range of Skeg Bearings are available in a wide range of sizes to facilitate easy installation. These highly durable products are supplied with waterways pre-cut into the ID to allow for effective, long-lasting performance.

Recognising the importance of quick delivery, AG has committed to holding an enormous range of sizes of Skeg Bearings in stock whilst also standing ready to supply custom sizes and configurations upon request.

For more information on the full range of materials, sizes and styles available, please contact your local AG branch.

PlasticsPlastic Shims, Sheet, Rod & Tube

Available in sheet, tube, rod, cut or machined component form, AG offers a wide range of plastics used in a variety of sealing, wear, safety and structural applications. These include various grades of Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PTFE, PVC, Polycarbonate, Acetal and Acrylic all of which can be fabricated to suit your needs.

Fabrication options offered by AG includes everything from standard sheet, rod & tube cutting and machining through to highly complex moulding and treatment options.

SiliconesMomentive Silicones

AG is proud to offer a full range of silicones from Momentive™ (formerly GE). This high quality range includes everything from common, industrial one-part adhesives through to specialised two-part potting compounds, encapsulants and sealing solutions.

With a range this large, AG is confident of having the correct silicone for your sealant application and will be happy to assist with material selection.

Adhesives, Technical Sprays and LubricantsIndustrial Adhesives and Lubricants

AG has a wide range of industrial adhesives, lubricants and technical sprays from leading manufacturers such as Araldite™, Loctite™ and Epirez™.

This range is strengthened further by the recent addition of the full range of Weicon™ Adhesives, Repair Compounds, Technical Sprays, Plastic Metals and Lubricants to our product offering. These high quality, German made products are of exceptional quality and provide consistent, economical performance.

Specialised Tapes & Lables

3M Specialised Tapes and LablesAs a distributor and converter of 3M™ tapes and labels, AG is proud to be able to offer a full range of double sided, VHB™, reflective, Bump On, and specialised tapes, labels and die cut components manufactured from these exceptional quality materials.

We couple this offering with grades from numerous other manufacturers and brands to ensure that all applications are covered whilst our ability to offer adhesive backing, slitting, re-rolling, die cutting, kiss cutting and much more ensures we can provide the exact component you require.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal InsulationFor the marine and shipbuilding industries, protecting against heat is a critical concern. AG understands this and has developed our range of thermal insulation to offer maximum versatility, value and long lasting performance. Including everything from abrasion resistant cloths, tapes and ropes to fully fabricated pump covers, pipe wraps and expansion joints, AG has the range of products and fabrication capacity needed to assist with your application.

This range also includes such specialised products as our Rewettable fibreglass cloth which can be easily cut, wet and applied to form a highly effective thermal barrier around pipes and other heat sources before being easily removed with water. Many other specialised solutions are also available with more information able to be provided by your local AG branch.