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Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical

AG understands the importance of certified, high quality products to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and is proud to offer an extensive product range capable of serving in these critical applications. By offering high quality materials in conjunction with our extensive and ISO 9001:2008 accredited fabrication facilities AG is able to provide the custom solution needed for your application.

Gaskets & Gasket TapesGaskets and Gasket Tapes

AG carries an enormous variety of sealing materials in sheet form which allows us to produce soft gaskets to suit a variety of food or potable water service applications. This selection includes our Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Viton and other rubbers which are available in food approved grades, our compressed fibre sheets and our high quality PTFE based sheet materials. Many of these are stocked in extra large sizes to minimise wastage and allow for the production of extra-large, one-piece gaskets.

In addition to our sheet materials, AG is able to offer a number of different sealing tapes. These convenient and versatile products are easy to install and are ideal for unscheduled maintenance jobs. Standard options include our Sealon expanded PTFE gasket tape, various rubberised and plasticised sponges and slit rubber rolls. Many of these can be custom slit to suit your requirements.

PlasticsPlastic Shims, Sheet, Rod & Tube

Available in sheet, tube, rod, cut or machined component form, AG offers a wide range of plastics used in a variety of sealing, wear, safety and structural applications. These include various grades of Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PTFE, PVC, Polycarbonate, Acetal and Acrylic all of which can be fabricated to suit your needs.

Fabrication options offered by AG includes everything from standard sheet, rod & tube cutting and machining through to highly complex moulding and treatment options.

Seals, Mouldings and ExtrusionsRubber Gaskets and Seals

In addition to our enormous stock of standard sized O Rings, Seals and Extrusions, AG is able to produce custom sized components to seal most applications. These can be produced from our full range of rubber (and some plastic)s and delivered on short lead times with low setup costs.

Extruded sections are available in custom lengths and all can be provided with certification to document their compliance with your requirements.

Specialised Tapes3M Specialised Tapes and Lables

AG’s range of specialised tapes contains a number of grades suitable for use around food and beverage applications. These include our full selection of 3M™ VHB™ and Double Sided Tapes as well as numerous protection, pipe wrap, safety and reflective tapes.

The vast majority of AG’s tapes can be custom slit to suit specific width requirements and supplied in specialised packaging matching UL specifications.

Thermal InsulationThermal Insulation

For situations where you need to protect plant or personnel from the dangers of heat, AG has the range of materials and expertise needed to assist. Our vast range of insulating cloths, tapes, ropes, boards, sleevings and felts can all be provided in raw material or custom component form. Our experienced technical representatives are also available to assist with inspection of applications at your location and will be happy to help with material identification and selection.