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Defence & Military

Over the course of our long history of working with the defence and aerospace industries we have come to understand the importance of offering not only quality products, but ensuring this quality is well certified and verifiable. To ensure we meet these demands, AG has developed strong partnerships with global brands such as 3M, GE, DuPont and many others that are renowned for the quality of their product.

Our commitment to quality has also led us to pursue, achieve and maintain independently verified ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and to develop a full certificate of conformance system. This ensures that we not only have high quality systems in place, but that adherence to them can be verified for any single order which provides you with the certainty that you’re goods will be suitable for the critical application for which they’re designed.

AG’s products meet the needs of a wide variety of applications in the defence and aerospace industries. The sections below detail some of our most commonly requested product types with more information on each available either from your local AG branch, or through the products section of this site.

Gaskets, Packings and SealsGaskets and Seals

Our enormous range of sealing materials ensures that we have a product for your specific application. Unlike many companies, AG offers materials from a range of different manufacturers without bias which means we’ll offer you’re the best material for your requirements, not ours. AG holds substantial stock of all our premium rubbers, gasket sheets, high grade packings and metallic gaskets and can fabricate these to suit your needs. Fast turn-arounds are no problem for us regardless of whether your require standard sized seals or custom made gaskets produced to suit drawings, sketches or samples.

Electrical Insulation Boards, Flexible Materials and CompoundsRigd and Flexible Electrical Insulation and Coatings and Compounds

AG’s wide selection of quality polyester glass, epoxy glass, phenolic and mica based rigid electrical insulation sheets are available in a range of sizes. These materials are often used in applications which require a material with a combination of mechanical strength, dielectric strength and resistance to heat and can be cut, machined or thicknesses to suit tight tolerances.

These rigid materials are complemented by our range of flexible electrical insulation materials. This range includes both Nomex® and Kapton® from DuPont and a wide range of composite materials. We also offer a selection of insulating putties, varnishes, epoxies and compounds capable of providing high end electrical insulation in demanding environments.

Electrical Insulation Tapes and SleevingsElectrical Insulation Tapes and Sleevings

AG’s range of electrical insulation tapes covers everything from standard PVC tape to high performance B-stage, mica based products. Our range of tapes includes products from world leading brands such as 3M, Isovolta, DuPont, Arlon and many more which ensures you will be receiving only high quality products. We couple access to this enormous range of products with our extensive slitting and tape conversion facilities so that we can supply in custom widths, lengths and forms whenever they are required.

In addition to this huge range of insulation tapes, AG is also proud to offers our selection of electrical insulation sleeving. Commonly used for insulating wiring, cable terminations or to form a protective layer of critical lines. AG offers a range of heat shrink, acrylic resin coated or silicone coated sleeving capable of long lasting performance. These high quality products are often employed for protecting critical cabling in defense or aerospace applications and can usually be provided quickly, and in a range of colours and sizes.

3M Specialised Tapes3M Specialised Tapes and Lables

In addition to our 3M insulation tapes, AG also offers a wide range of specialised tapes and labels from 3M. These includes the VHB ranges of double sided bonding tapes, adhesive transfer tapes and all kinds of protection tapes for critical applications.

Many of these grades have approvals to either Mil-Spec or UL standards while most can be provided in slit rolls, custom lengths or specialised packaging for your critical application.

Momentive Silicones

Momentive Silicones

Formerly GE Silicones, Momentive is a global leader in silicone technologies and AG is proud to be able to offer the full range of products from this high quality manufacturer.

Momentive silicones are widely used in critical applications because of their high quality, consistent performance and certification to international standards. AG carries large stocks of a wide selection of these high quality products and would be happy to assist you in identifying the best selection for your application.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Custom Thermal Insulation Components

AG’s enormous range of thermal insulation materials means we can help you protect your personnel and equipment from the danger of high temperatures. Our wide range includes a selection of high temperature boards, cloths, tapes, ropes and sleevings all of which can be custom fabricated to suit your application. For insulating demanding defense applications, AG will work with you to identify the best material(s), test the measurements and produce the insulation required. We have extensive experience at designing insulation solutions for hard-to-access environments and will be happy to assist wherever we can.