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Dealing with Abrasion – Impact and Wear Protection Epoxies

Abrasion – An unavoidable nuisance

In the mechanical world, Abrasion is an often unavoidable occurrence that can cause headaches for owners, repairers and operators of all forms of plant equipment, vehicles and machinery.

Abrasion may occur for many reasons including constant wear, erosion, scraping, rubbing, stripping or any other action that breaks down a surface over time.

Dealing with the effects of abrasion is a constant battle for mechanical engineers, who are tasked with getting the longest working life out of their plant infrastructure.

The problem is particularly prevalent within industries involved in the processing of abrasive substances such as rocks, sand, slurry, ore and bitumen. So what is the best solution?


An impact and wear-resistant protective coating

The best way to protect from abrasion is by applying a wear and impact resistant coating such as Weicon Plastic Metal Ceramic BL.

When mixed together and applied to a surface, this 2-Part epoxy compound creates an ultra-durable wear and impact resistant coating that is designed to withstand the effects of repeated abrasion and protect the underlying surface.

It works because of it’s formulated from an epoxy resin inbuilt with hard mineral reinforcing fillers. Once dry it forms an extremely hard surface layer that is blue in colour, glossy and smooth. Best of all, using an epoxy based wear compound such as Ceramic BL saves time and is generally cheaper than traditional methods of surface repair such as welding or replacement.

Because Ceramic BL bonds well to a wide range of materials, it can be used almost anywhere a protective coating is required. It adheres well to metals including steel, iron, aluminium, brass and copper as well as glass, ceramics, concrete, wood and many plastics. As such it is used heavily for protecting equipment such as pumps, chutes, hoppers, slides, pipes & augers on which the protective coating is applied and then re-applied once worn away, keeping the equipment’s original surface in tact. these are just a few applications however as the product literally has thousands of uses.


Extremely easy to use

German Engineering is known for it’s efficiency, which is why Weicon have made this product extremely easy to both prepare and apply. The pack even comes with a spatula and gloves – everything you need to get the job going. First, simply clean the Surface that you wish to coat as best you can (we recommend using a cleaner like Weicon Cleaner S or Surface Cleaner). Then mix the two components together (they are already in the correct ratio) and thoroughly stir.

You can then pour, brush, trowel or dip to apply the epoxy mixture. Once it is completely dry, your coating is ready to protect.

Other Styles Available

There are many more grades available in the Plastic Metal range that may better suit your application. These include grades for high temperature applications, anti-magnetic applications as well as grades that set underwater and provide superior resistance to chemical attack. For more information on the entire range, we recommend heading over to our Plastic Metal range comparison page.

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