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AG’s extrusion facilities include the use of injection, hot and cold joining methods which allows us to offer a wide range of sections, shapes and sizes made from a variety of materials. A vast array of rubbers, sponges, plastics and polyester glass can all be formed into extruded profiles to suit custom dimensions or application requirements. Many of these are also available in different colours, densities and grades which enables perfect matching of material with application.

Though we can usually turn around custom jobs quite quickly, sometimes the part is required so urgently that any delay is unacceptable. For situations such as these, AG’s enormous range of stocked extruded sizes and profiles have often been of great assistance. Though we may not have the ideal size in stock, experience has taught us that we often have something that will suffice either with a couple of quick modifications or by employing the stocked extrusion temporarily until the specified size can be produced.

For more information on the full range of extruded sizes, materials and designs available from AG, please don’t hesitate to contact your local branch.