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Discover Vertex Cloth and why it’s superior to standard Fibreglass Cloth


Fibreglass-based cloth’s are by far the most popular choice when it comes to high temperature woven insulation fabrics. They offer good insulation performance for an economic price when compared to many of the other materials on the market. 

They also have good mechanical strength and chemical resistance and are often offered in a range of different grades. If however, you are after a fiberglass-based insulation material that will outperform these standard grades of fibreglass, then you should be using Blue Vertex Treated Fibreglass Cloth. Read on to find out why.

What is Vertex High Temperature Insulation Cloth?

In short, Vertex is a variant of fiberglass cloth that gets its name from the Vertex treatment. ‘Vertex’ is the suppliers trade name for the high temperature Vermiculite coating which is applied in a special proprietary process. The effect of the coating is to act like armor and disperse any heat evenly across the surface of the fabric, not through it.

This results in a drastic improvement to the flame resistance, temperature resistance and strength of the material, as shown in the comparison table below. Because the base fabric is an e-grade fiberglass material, Vertex cloth also retains the good electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance that fiberglass cloth is known for.

Standard Fibreglass Cloth Blue Vertex Treated Cloth
Temperature Resistance 540ºC 870ºC
Colour Tan Blue
Warp Strength 35.8 kg/cm 53.7 kg/cm
Fill Strength 17.9 kg/cm 44.7 kg/cm
Treatment None Vermiculite

In what applications is Vertex Cloth most suitable?

Vertex will perform very well in any application that currently uses fiberglass cloth for insulation however it excels in applications where the cloth is likely to come into direct contact with flame, molten metal, welding spatter or slag. Examples of these include welding blankets, drop cloths, heat and flame resistant curtains, heat shields, thermal jackets and high temperature lagging. Below you can see a Thermal Insulation Sleeve manufactured using Vertex Cloth.

Vertex cloth is also used for creating heat and flame-resistant expansion joints in many foundry and furnace applications and marine applications. It can also be used for gasketing and filtration purposes.

A Fibreglass Cloth with Superior Abrasion Resistance

Not only does the Vertex coating improve the thermal properties of the cloth, it also improves the mechanical strength, meaning Vertex is a great option for applications in which abrasion is a concern. The vermiculite coating also helps to prevent fraying on the edges of the material.

If Vertex sounds like it might be right for you application and you want to find out more, you can head over to the product page or contact us today and one of our helpful sales assistants will be more than happy to assist.

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