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An update on our TDS & SDS publishing

Over the last few months, we’ve been significantly expanding the number of technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS) available on our website. Today, we wanted to share our progress with you, show where you can find them and explain why we’re doing this.

Why publish this information?

Here at Associated Gaskets we believe one of the most important services we can provide is in helping Australian industries select the best product for their specific and individual needs. This means providing comprehensive information on the huge range of products we have available.

Turns out, this is easier said than done. As many of you would know, our range includes everything from standard run of the mill rubber materials to complex composites, cyanoacrylates and custom fabricated solutions. The sheer size, breadth and diversity in the range is a challenge in and of itself; one made even more daunting when you account for the fact that our range is constantly (and we mean that literally) expanding as we work to find new solutions to new problems. We’re sure many of you can sympathize with these challenges.

Nevertheless, we’re strongly of the belief that in order for us to help everyone select the best product, we need to make comprehensive product details freely and easily available and this means publishing all of our TDS and SDS.

How are we doing?

Today, we’re proud to say that we’re making progress and we wanted to share this with you. Right now, here’s where we’re up to.

TDS & SDS Progress

As you can see from these two charts, we’ve still got a long way to go. That said, right now for any given product, you’re more likely than not to find the associated TDS right here on our website and have about a 1 in 3 chance of having the SDS. We’re committed to improving these numbers and won’t stop until we hit 100%.

Where can you find them?

Data sheets and other relevant product literature such as product information sheets and brochures can be found in the downloads section on each individual product page (see below).

Website Capture 2

But remember, in the event that you find a product on our website for which there is no technical or safety data available, or there is not enough information available for you to make your choice, simply contact your local AG branch and speak to one of our friendly sales staff.

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