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Allpax Gasket Ring Cutters

At Associated Gaskets we have always prided ourselves on service; doing everything possible to meet tight delivery requirements but we understand that some situations require even more urgency.

Unplanned maintenance, unexpected leakages or someone breaking a gasket during installation are all examples of times when calling someone to get a gasket made just isn’t an option.

For these types of situations we offer our range of gasket cutting tools and equipment. This page introduces some of the most popular styles that have proven to be a good solution for customers who need to cut their own gaskets on site, fast.

What Are Allpax Gasket Cutting Tools?

AG’s range of Allpax Gasket Cutting tools are all designed to cut different types of gaskets efficiently and accurately. 

Allpax is the largest global manufacturer of gasket cutters, punches, and related accessories used in the fabrication of custom flange gaskets. We’ve supplied these tools for years and found them to be reliable and lasting.

They vary by type, the size of the gaskets they can produce, the materials and thicknesses they can handle and more. Read on for more information on some of the popular models we keep, their capabilities and features.

If choosing which is right for your gasket cutting needs is difficult; we understand and are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Associated Gaskets for assistance with the Allpax Gasket Cutting Tool Range

Extension Style Gasket Cutting Tools

Extension-style gasket cutters are often used where portability is key. Their lightweight, modular nature makes them ideal for gasket fabrication “in the field”.

However, some end-users have the luxury of a dedicated gasket fabrication table where large sheets of gasket material can be laid out flat.

This is particularly useful where very large diameter gaskets (larger than the standard 18” x 18” cutting board) are routinely fabricated.

Extension style gasket cutters feature a cutter block with an adjustable cutting blade and modular extension bars.

AG is pleased to stock a selection of Allpax Extension Type Gasket Cutters. Some of our more popular models are listed below:

Extension Style Gasket Cutters

Compact Gasket Cutting Kit

Our Compact Gasket Cutting Kit is designed for making small diameter gaskets.

This tool can cut gaskets up to 152mm (1/4″ to 6″) in diameter. It includes a 150mm square cutting board, phenolic cutting block with multiple blade styles and comes in a metal storage case.

It’s a good option for those who will only be cutting small gaskets from time to time. 

AG Item Code: 7217  |  Allpax Model Number: AX2010

Compact Gasket Cutting Kit​ AX2010

Light Duty Gasket Cutting Kit

This extension style gasket cutting tool is a strong option for those who expect to have to cut gasket irregularly, but need the ability to be able to produce them for larger diameter flanges.

Using the included extension bar, this tool can cut gaskets up to 940mm (37″) in diameter. It includes a 450mm square cutting board, phenolic cutting block with multiple blade styles and centre pins supplied in a heavy duty plastic storage case.

The inclusion of standard and heavy duty blades makes it a good option for fibre as well as rubber, cork and soft gaskets. 

AG Item Code: 6220  |  Allpax Model Number: AX3030

Heavy Duty Gasket Cutting Kits - 325mm OD or 1,525mm OD

Our Allpax Heavy Duty Gasket Cutting Tools are made for professional users that need a fast, reliable method of making gaskets from a variety of different material types.

These premium, extension-style kits include a quality brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimize gasket material buckling and assure precision cuts. The ergonomic design provides secure, comfortable grip. 

The smaller model is able to cut gaskets up to 325mm (13″) in diameter.

The larger model can produce extra larger OD gaskets all the way to up 1,525mm (61″).

Both models can be used to make gaskets with internal diameters as small as 6mm (1/4″).  

Both of these kits are supplied in rugged storage cases and include 450mm square cutting boards, dove-tail designer and bolt hole locater templates and much more. 

325mm OD Model  –  AG Item Code: 7218  |  Allpax Model Number: AX6010

1525mm OD Model  –  AG Item Code: 6218  |  Allpax Model Number: AX6050

AX6010 Heavy Duty Gasket Cutting Kit
AX6050 Heavy Duty Gasket Cutting Kit

Rotary Style Gasket Cutting Tools

Rotary-style gasket cutters are heavy tools. Since they need to be mounted in a vise or clamped in an upright position (Model M3), or bolted to a workbench (Model SM4), they are ideal for a fixed location such as a workshop.

Rotary-style cutters are often preferred for cutting more rigid gasket materials and also irregular shaped gaskets.

These gasket cutters feature a stationary frame with a crank-powered, set of rotating cutting discs. To operate, first set the scale bar to the desired OD. Pierce a small hole in the centre of the gasket material to be cut. Open the cutter, insert the material onto scale bar spindle, and secure with the knurled nut. With one hand, lower the cutting disc and apply pressure, while simultaneously turning the crank with the other hand. Remove excess material. Adjust the scale bar to the desired ID and cut another circular pattern.

AG is pleased to stock two different types of Allpax Rotary Gasket Cutters. 

M3 Rotary Style Gasket Cutter

A high quality tool designed primarily for non-metallic gasket materials such as cork, fibre (CNAF), and rubber gasket materials up to 6mm (1/4″) thick.

Our M3 Gasket Cutter is used to produce gaskets from 50mm OD up to 550mm OD. This can be extended with optional scale bars (not included) if required.

The M3 Rotary Cutter mounts onto a vise or clamps to a piece of angle. 

AG Item Code: 8149  |  Allpax Model Number: AX7000

SM4 Rotary Style Gasket Cutter

Cut accurate flange, ring, and irregular shaped gaskets with the heavy-duty SM4 Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter. Primarily designed for metallic gasket materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass this tool is also a great solution for cutting hard fibre sheets, rubber and many plastics (e.g. PTFE).

The SM4 Cutter is used to produce gaskets from 75mm OD up to 700mm OD. This can be extended with optional scale bars (not included) if required.

The SM4 Rotary Cutter mounts to any workbench with 3/8″ bolts (not included) and is designed for permanent installation.

AG Item Code: 7913  |  Allpax Model Number: AX7001

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