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AG Are Proud Members of EASA

Associated Gaskets has always understood the importance of working with our customers to understand their needs. We don’t assume, we listen.

To help us do this we’ve maintained active affiliate membership with EASA for decades.

This has provided us with invaluable listening opportunities and the chance to engage with their many Australian and New Zealand member companies on all the things that matter to the electrical electric motor, pump and apparatus repair industries.

In this article we explain a little about what EASA does and highlight some of the solutions we’ve developed through listening to the needs of their members.

Who Are EASA?

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA) is an international trade organization of more than 1,700 electromechanical sales and service firms in nearly 70 countries.

Their members sell and service industrial electric motors and related rotating apparatus such as generators, pumps, fans, compressors, gearboxes and blowers.

Associated Gaskets is a proud affiliate member of EASA Region 10 which covers Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and other countries from 90° east longitude in an easterly direction to the International Date Line.

EASA actively supports members through the publication and upkeep of a wide range of reference materials and articles and maintains a database containing the largest variety of motor winding data available anywhere.

EASA also provides engineering consulting services to members and works with manufacturers, industry organizations and government agencies to promote better repair standards and assure the highest quality professional service for customers. In addition, EASA sponsors numerous training and educational programs and organises regular meetings which facilitate the formal and informal sharing of knowledge, discussion of industry trends and formation of relationships.

How Associated Gaskets Works With EASA

Throughout our long history, AG has always believed in supporting local industry and developing our product offering to suit their needs. 

Delivering on this vision means constantly listening to our customers ever-changing requirements. EASA has proven a wonderful resource for achieving this as it helps us attend regular meetings where issues facing the electrical repair industry are discussed.

It is through this constant communication with companies in the transformer, electric motor and pump industries that we have been able to develop our industry-leading range of electrical insulation solutions as well as expand our growing range of conductors and electrical accessories. All have been selected and maintained to satisfy the needs of our customers and will continue to grow and change as these needs change over the years to come.

Below you’ll find links to just some of our range. For more information on any, or to discuss your specific requirements, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

Want to Learn More About EASA?

You can learn more about EASA here in Australia by visiting their website (

This provides information on current members, accreditation and more.

You can also learn more about EASA International at their own dedicated site (

For more information on how Associated Gaskets works with EASA Members, our range of products, the fabrication and customisation options on offer, or to discuss how we can help your business with industrial product solutions, please do contact us

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