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3D Modelling and Drawing

One of the most common requests made of us is to produce a replacement part from a used (and often damaged) sample. To accomplish this, AG is proud to have a number of highly experienced personnel who can recreate the component in digital form and even make corrections which compensate for wear and tear and suggest improvements in design.

Our team of dedicated industrial designers and engineers are all highly experienced in recreating rubber, plastic, soft and rigid insulation pieces and stand ready to assist with your requirement. We’ve spent years learning the best ways to measure (this is often trickier than it seems), draw and prototype replacement parts meaning you can be sure that this critical link in the manufacturing process will be completed correctly.

Our ability to produce detailed 3D renderings of parts prior to manufacture enables you to be sure that the component you receive will match your exact specifications. All drawings are then saved and linked to the item in question so that future orders can be accurately and quickly supplied, and modifications can be made working from highly detailed drawings.

For more information on the full range of items we can recreate, or to arrange for one of our technical representatives to visit your site and inspect the item in question, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.