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Silicone Glass Reinforced Coil Insulation Tape

For over 50 years, Arlon’s silicone based insulation tapes and cloths have been providing excellent electrical insulation in even the most challenging of service conditions.  These high-quality products are made from a smooth layer of silicone rubber which is bonded to a woven fibreglass cloth for reinforcement and elongation control.

Arlon Sil/Glass Tapes remain flexible even after many years in operation and resist damage from vibration, fame movement and thermal expansion or contraction.  They also offer excellent dielectric strength and integrity over a wide temperature range whilst simultaneously providing tracking resistance, and resisting current leakage, corona damage and dielectric fatigue.

The unique chemistry of silicone resists embrittlement as well as damage by ozone and other atmospheric chemicals whilst also sealing against dust, dirt, moisture and debris.  Available in a range of thicknesses, widths, lengths as standard, AG is also able to offer these quality insulation materials in custom fabricated components to match the exact needs of your specific application.