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Fluorodyn Viton® Caulk

Fluorodyn Viton® Caulk is the ideal solution for corrosion control and surface protection application in virtually all environments. This high quality product exhibits outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance and excellent bonding properties. It also resists high temperatures, exhibits good flexibility and resists attack from almost all chemicals.

A one part product available in a variety of forms, Fluorodyn Viton® Caulk is very easy to use. It is a precision engineered product with 75% solids by weight that is used for leak-proof sealing in environments where temperatures range up to 232ºC.

Black in colour (as standard), Fluorodyn Viton® Caulk adheres to all metals, concrete glass and ceramics. It has an indefinite product life (assuming product is re-sealed after use) and is resistant to both ozone and UV light as well as a very wide range of corrosive chemicals and media.

Typical applications include:
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks.
  • Pipe Lining.
  • Sealing of Retaining Walls.
  • Airport Refuelling Aprons.
  • Ship Storage Tanks.
  • Rail Car Lining.
  • Vapour Recovery Tanks.
  • Petrochemical Storage Tanks.
  • Automobile Fuel System Components.
  • Concrete Work Floors.
  • Lining Motorcycle Fuel Tanks.
  • Flue Duct Expansion Repair.
Available Sizes and Forms

71ml resealable squeeze tubes
320ml and 850ml resealable cartridges
3.8 litre and 19 litre pails
208 litre drums

For information on specific chemical resistance, surface preparation or more technical characteristics of this high quality product, please do not hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™