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Vintage and Classic Car Restoration Products

Since the birth of Associated Gaskets way back in 1965,  we have been helping vintage and classic motoring enthusiasts by reverse engineering gaskets and seals that are no longer available for purchase from the original manufacturer. But did you know that we also supply a range of other products that are often required during the maintenance or restoration of motor vehicles? We have put together this page to identify and describe them in more detail.


AG can manufacture all types of head gaskets, engine gaskets and exhaust gaskets from a range of materials including Copper, Tanged Graphite, Fibre & Oil Jointing. We are experienced at reverse engineering from samples, drawings or if required, the engine head itself. If you require modifications to your current design, our CAD software can easily accommodate your needs. We can also produce felt seals in a range of shapes and sizes.


If you are having heat containment issues, then AG’s sewing department can work with you to custom fabricate the solution that you require. We have a large range of insulation materials in stock including ceramic, fibreglass, aramid and silica, as well as accessories including joiners, fasteners, hooks and clips. Click through the photos to see some custom jackets we have created.


We also stock Weicon’s range of high performance technical sprays and liquids. These include a range of care and protection sprays including stainless steel care spray, anti-corrosion coatings, rust removers and cockpit spray as well as a large range of general and specialist cleaners, brake cleaner and degreasers. Scroll through to see some of these products in action.


AG also stock a range of adhesives and sealants from Weicon which are often required during car maintenance and repair work. This range includes over 50 grades of threadlocking adhesives, super-glues, contact adhesives, silicone sealants and many, many, more. In short, you can trust us to have the solution to your automotive bonding requirements.