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Silicone Rubber Sheet

Range of silicone rubber materials available in stock at Associated Gaskets Australia.

Temperature Resistant -40ºC to +220ºC

Excellent electrical insulation properties

Excellent Weather & UV Resistance

Food Grade FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 Compliant

WRAS approved for potable water use

Huge Selection of Styles in Stock…

Red silicone rubber sheet can be provided as sheet, roll, gasket or seals.

Red Silicone Rubber

AG’s general purpose, economical grade of silicone rubber featuring excellent resistance to UV and ozone and good electrical properties.

White, FDA approved silicone rubber sheet. This grade of silicone is used for potable water (drinking water) applications and also used to make gaskets and silicone seals for the food and beverage industries.

White Silicone Rubber

White silicone rubber is popular in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where easy visual inspection for cleanliness is required.

Grey silicone rubber sheet

Grey Silicone Rubber

A grey coloured silicone rubber that’s colour matches the shade that is popular for use in many military and marine applications.

Black Silicone Rubber Sheet for making silicone gaskets, seals and rubber strips.

Black Silicone Rubber

General purpose black silicone rubber with good resistance to UV and ozone making it particularly suited for outdoor applications.

Translucent silicone rubber sheet available by the roll or in cut gaskets or seals.

Translucent Silicone Rubber

Translucent silicone rubber is a popular choice for use in sensitive food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Available in 50 duro hardness as standard.

White silicone sponge available with or without adhesive. Multiple densities are available and silicone sponge can be provided as cut gaskets, sponge seals or as sponge sheet.

White Silicone Sponge

AG’s white silicone sponge is the perfect choice when a softer, more compressible sheet is required. It is available in a range of densities.

Custom cut red silicone rubber seal / gasket.


AG is able to produce custom fabricated components including gaskets and seals, pads and strips, skirting, curtains and more from its large stock of silicone rubber sheet. Click the button below to contact us for a quote today!