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Weicon Cleaner S Spray

Weicon Cleaner S Spray is a fast and effective cleaner that evaporates quickly without leaving behind any residues. Weicon Cleaner S Spray is used for the cleaning of all metal, glass and ceramic surfaces as well as many plastics (however extra care should be taken with thermoplastics, such as PVC or polystyrene and some simple paint coatings as it may etch the surface).

Thanks to the unique specialised valve used for these cans, Weicon Cleaner S Spray can be used to spray in any direction which makes it ideal for application in hard to reach places.

Weicon Cleaner S Spray is clear in colour and has an orange smell. This excellent cleaner is perfect for the cleaning and degreasing of surfaces prior to priming and painting as well as for preparing many surfaces prior to bonding with Weicon adhesives and silicones.

Colour Colourless
Odour Orange
Temperature Resistance
Minimum Shelf Life 24 Months


Available Sizes

Weicon Cleaner S Spray is available from your local AG in 500ml aerosol spray packs. A bulk liquid version is also available.

If you are unsure whether Weicon Cleaner S Spray is suitable for your cleaning application, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.