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Stand-Off Insulators

AG’s Stand-Off insulators are manufactured from non-flammable, high quality, polyester glass with a brass threaded insert and combine high mechanical strength with excellent dielectric properties.

Available in a wide range of sizes and styles (including both metric and imperial thread sizes), AG’s Stand-Off Insulators are manufactured here in Australia and exhibit excellent chemical and oil resistance whilst also being arc quenching and non-tracking.

Utilised in and around switchboards, electrical panels and as busbar insulating supports, AG’s Stand-Off Insulators are mechanically strong, shatter resistant and, when compared to many plastic versions available, offer higher electrical strength and temperature tolerance.

Many standard sizes of Stand-Off Insulators are held in stock at AG whilst custom sizes and styles can usually be quickly produced with no minimum order quantity. Standard sizes range from M5 (or ¼” BSW) through to M16 with lengths varying from 25mm through to 150mm. For a full list of available threads, sizes, styles and voltage ratings, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG.