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Reconstituted Rubber Sheet

Reconstituted Rubber Sheet is an inexpensive yet highly durable form of rubber sheet with excellent impact resistance, acoustic and vibration deadening properties. Produced from bonded PUR bonded rubber fibres these sheets are often used as impact resistant flooring, floor safety sheeting, acoustic underlays or anti vibration pads.

Because Reconstituted Rubber Sheet is produced from recycled rubber fibres, it is not only economical but also very environmentally friendly. It is also very long lasting and displays good wear resistance and durability. This material is weather resistant and used in both indoor and outdoor installations.

When used for flooring, Reconstituted Rubber Sheet offers good anti-slip properties and is soft enough to help break a fall. This recycled rubber sheet can also be easily cleaned and requires very little maintenance. It is permeable to water but will dry quickly to return to its natural state (we experience this every time we water cut the material).

As a sound proofing material, Reconstituted Rubber Sheet is particularly effective when used to deaden any noise generated from repeated impacts / drop-zones.

Sheet Sizes & Customisation Options

Reconstituted Rubber Sheet is available in a number of different sheet sizes (and colours) as standard from AG. These are:

15mm X 500mm / 1000mm
22mm X 500mm / 1000mm
43mm X 500mm / 1000mm

The most commonly stocked (and requested) colour is black. Terracotta and green are also available upon request.

As well as offering this inexpensive rubber material by the sheet, AG offers a full fabrication service for this product. Our in-house water cutting facilities enable us to offer Reconstituted Rubber tiles, strips, pieces and components which can all be quickly fabricated with almost no setup and no minimum order quantities on very short lead times.