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Molykote 55 O-Ring Grease

Molykote® 55 O-Ring Grease is a high-performance lubricating grease primarily designed to create dynamic lubrication between rubber and metal parts. This phenyl-methyl silicone-based grease operates by releasing the silicone lubricating fluid from the lithium soap thickening agent to provide lubrication in applications where the use of oil is not practical. The grease also slightly swells o-rings creating a tighter seal.

Manufactured by Dow Corning, Molykote 55 O-ring grease is off-white in colour and boasts the ability to be utilized in applications within a wide temperature range of -65°C to +177°C. The grease also exhibits good resistance to oxidization and offers good protection against corrosion. These properties have seen this high-performance grease utilized in a range of sealing applications such as in pneumatic systems, aircraft, automotive and other general industrial applications.

Molykote 55 O-ring Grease is not recommended for use on silicone rubber o-rings or for lubricating bearings. It is compatible with many plastics however prior testing is recommended to ensure compatibility.

Available Sizes

Molykote 55 is available from AG in 150gm squeeze tubes however other sizes are available on request. Standard shelf-life for this product is in excess of 4 years. For more information or pricing on this high-quality product, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.

Molykote® is a registered trade mark of Dow Corning Corporation