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825 Premium Filament Tape

825 Premium Filament Tape is manufactured from polypropylene with unidirectional fibreglass filament reinforcements. A cost effective tape, 825 also has a rubber based adhesive on one side that provides good adhesion to a range of different surface types.

This adhesive utilized by this quality strapping tape is aggressive and shear resistant. It has been specially designed for Australian shipping and storage conditions and features a high tensile strength and outstanding humidity resistance. 825 Premium Filament Tape has a total thickness of 0.15mm and displays good chemical and moisture resistance. Cream in in colour, this tape has a low elongation rate and is used in low temperature applications up to 60ºC continuous.

Adhesive Rubber Resin
Backing Polypropylene with Fibreglass Filaments
Max Width 1360mm
Backing Thickness 0.110mm
Total Thickness 0.150mm
Colour Cream
Tensile Strength 800 N / 25mm
Adhesion to Steel 25 N / 25mm
Temperature Resistance 60ºC
Elongation 5%


Available Sizes

AG offers this high quality grade of filament tape in a range of standard sizes (25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm) however custom slit rolls can be produced upon request up to a maximum width of 1360mm. For more information on this tape or to discuss the rolls you need it slit to, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch or sales representative.