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Plastic Metal – Epoxy Repair and Wear Protection Compounds

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Wear Resistant

Pressure Resistant

Good Residual Elasticity

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Large & Diverse Range

Weicon Plastic Metal - Epoxy Repair and Wear Protection Compounds

Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer the full range of Plastic Metal Epoxy Systems. These specialised, filled compounds are ideal for fast, durable and cost effective repairs, bonding and coating jobs and are compatible with many different types of material.

The full range of plastic metal includes over 15 different types which ensures there’s one to cover your specific requirements. This page provides an overview of each with more information on individual grades available via the below links.

The Weicon Plastic Metal – Epoxy Repair and Wear Protection Range

Plastic Metal A

  • Pasty
  • Steel-Filled
  • Germanischer Lloyd Certified
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Often used for repair work in the marine sector. Plastic Metal A is used to remove corrosion damage and pitting on tanks, repair pipes and castings as well as cracks on housings and components.

Plastic Metal B

  • Viscous, pourable epoxy
  • Steel-Filled
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Particularly well suited for making detailed reproductions in model and mould making. Plastic Metal B is also used for the production of tools, templates, gauges and fixtures. It can also be used for filling blowholes in castings as well as general repair work that requires a liquid compound that sets hard.

Plastic Metal BR

  • Pasty
  • Bronze-Filled
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal BR is ideal for filling blowholes and repairing and resurfacing bronze parts, castings and components. It is most commonly used in the marine sector.

Plastic Metal C

  • Liquid, self-levelling
  • Aluminium filled
  • High temperature (up to 220°C)
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal C is a high temperature grade of epoxy compound. Made from aluminium filled epoxy, it is non-corrosive, anti-magnetic and cures with practically zero shrinkage. It is ideal for large scale bonding, pouring out moulds and the production of tools and devices. 

Plastic Metal Ceramic BL

  • Liquid
  • Mineral filled
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • High temperature (up to 180°C)
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Liquid, self-leveling and brushable epoxy compound. Ceramic BL is filled with silicon carbide and zirconium silicate. It has excellent temperature resistance and extremely good abrasion resistance. It is used for lining pump housings, as wear protection for bearings, slides, funnels, chutes and pipes. It is also used for surface protection in a variety of industries.

Plastic Metal Ceramic W

  • Pasty
  • Mineral filled
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal Ceramic W is a pasty epoxy that can be spread with a spatula. It has good non-sag properties and is often used for bonding (even overhead). This grade also has excellent wear resistance and is used for the lining of oxide stones in mill construction (pictured), for the lining of pump housings ans as wear protection for slide bearings, slides, chutes and pipes (especially wear darker products cannot be used for optical reasons). 

Plastic Metal F

  • Pasty
  • Aluminium filled
  • Non-corrosive, anti-magnetic
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Usually used for the long-lasting repair of aluminium components, Plastic Metal F is also very well suited for fast, inexpensive repairs to aluminium allows, magnesium and other types of light metal castings or components.

Plastic Metal F2

  • Viscous, liquid
  • Aluminium filled
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal F2 is usually used for casting, making moulded parts, fabricating templates or the repair of porous or damaged castings. It is also used for making prototypes and is usually used in conjunction with aluminium or light-metal parts.

Plastic Metal HB 300

  • Pasty
  • Steel filled
  • High strength
  • High temperature
    (200°C Continuous & 280°C Short-Term)
  • Available in 1kg kits

HB 300 is a very high strength type of epoxy repair compound. It has a pasty consistency and withstands elevated temperatures. It is used for bonding work, application to vertical surfaces and the repair of damaged or worn metal parts, casings, pipes and components.

Plastic Metal SF

  • Pasty
  • Steel filled, fast-curing
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal SF is typically used for the quick and permanent repair of leaking pipes, damaged housing and gears. It is also used for repair anchoring points. This grade is fast curing and is widely used in the marine sector.

Plastic Metal ST

  • Viscous putty that can be applied with a spatula
  • Metal filled
  • Non-corrosive
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal ST is a versatile grade of epoxy repair putty often used on stainless steel parts such as tanks, piping, containers, funnels and flanges. It is widely used in the chemical, marine, wastewater and paper processing industries. 

Plastic Metal TI

  • Pasty
  • Titanium filled
  • High temperature (200°C continuous)
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

A tough, strong putty with excellent pressure resistance, Plastic Metal TI is used for repairing, rebuilding and reconditioning pumps, valves, wear plates, ball bearing seals, shafts, propellers, and the lining of pump housings and slide bearings. 

Plastic Metal UW

  • Pasty
  • Mineral filled
  • Hardens underwater as well as on damp and wet surfaces
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal UW is a versatile repair compound that is often used for repairing pipes, pumps, tanks, containers and submerged parts. It’s ability to harden underwater makes it perfect for permanent repairs to parts and components that are not able to be dried beforehand. 

Plastic Metal WP

  • Pasty, very high strength
  • Ceramic filled with extremely high wear and abrasion resistance
  • Good residual elasticity and impact resistance
  • Available in 2kg & 10kg Kits

WP is an extremely abrasion resistant grade or plastic metal designed for wear protection. It prevents metal loss and is used in place of ceramic tiles, rubber linings, alloys and welded metal coatings. It is also used for the regeneration of previously worn surfaces.

Plastic Metal WR

  • Liquid
  • Steel filled
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

Plastic Metal WR is used in areas where metal parts are subjected to strong wear. This versatile grade is also used for the repair and reconditioning of shafts, pouring our bearings, cutting and punching tools and the casting of moulds and tool parts. It is often used as a wear resistant under-layer with Ceramic BL serving as the top-coat.

Plastic Metal WR2

  • Pasty
  • Mineral filled with high wear and abrasion resistance
  • Available in 0.5kg & 2kg Kits

WR2 is usually used where the use of casting compounds is not appropriate. Examples include providing wear protection and repairs for conveyors, guides, chutes and slides. It is also used to prevent wear and abrasion on metal surfaces and as an under-layer with Ceramic BL serving as the top-coat.

Chocking Backing Compound

  • Vibration resistant
  • impact resistant
  • Break resistant
  • Available in 3kg & 10kg Kits

CBC is used for the shimming and back filling of difficult to align systems. This tough, strong compound flows well, has a low viscosity and is self-leveling. It cures with almost zero shrinkage and has extremely good strength characteristics.

Casting Resin MS 1000

  • Liquid, low viscosity
  • Unfilled, pure epoxy resin
  • Available in 1kg Kits

A very versatile epoxy resin. Casting Resin MS 1000 has excellent electrical properties and can be combined with various fillers (powders, fibres, fabric) to achieve different optical and physical characteristics. It is widely used in the electrical repair industry, in machine construction and general facilities maintenance.

Epoxy Resin Putty

  • Putty
  • Mineral filled
  • High temperature (200°C)
  • Available in 100gm, 400gm & 800gm kits

Epoxy Resin Putty is an incredibly versatile epoxy compound that is used for a variety of repair and reconditioning work. This putty bonds to almost anything, has excellent chemical resistance and very good electrical properties. It sets hard and can be machined or painted after curing. It is often used for electric motor balancing, for filling gaps, rebuilding worn surfaces and renewing defective threads.

Plastic Metal Ceramic BL being painted on to a centrex cone


Hard as it may be to believe, our Plastic Metal range is just a small part of what AG can offer for repairing and reconditioning surfaces, corrosion protection and maintenance. To learn more about what we can offer, or for help in choosing the best solution for you, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets Branch..

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