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New Video for our Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish

Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish Spray and Liquid (200px Square)

Because of its outstanding electrical properties, smooth surface finish and reliable performance, Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish has become exceptionally popular throughout the electrical industry. Available in easy to use spray cans as well as bulk liquid containers, this alkyd resin based varnish is widely used for a range of surface coating tasks including coating insulating boards and painting exposed metal and motor casings.

Manufactured by Elantas, Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish is available in Red, Black, Grey, Clear and White as standard (the white is available as a liquid only). It has proven to be an excellent alternative to the old Isonel 300 Spray and is used in applications up to Class H (180°C).

To further demonstrate the large range of applications for this very high quality spray-on varnish, we put together this video. It details a few more of the uses for this varnish as well as giving you a bit more of an idea about the surface finish that can be achieved.

Available Sizes and Colours of Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish.

Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer our Air Dry Varnish in a selection of sizes and colours. We carry very large stocks of all of these and are usually able to offer fast delivery to meet your requirements. The table below details that standard range. For custom requirements, or to learn more about this or any other product in our expanding range of electrical varnishes and resins, please do not hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.



400gm Aerosols

5KG Tins

20KG Drums

Elmotherm VA00


Elmotherm VA39


Elmotherm VA42


Elmotherm VA63


Elmotherm VA643