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Weicon Aqua-Flex Now Available from Associated Gaskets

Associated Gaskets is pleased to announce the addition of Weicon Aqua-Flex to our range of quality adhesives and sealants. This easy to use elastic adhesive combines outstanding versatility with long lasting performance.

Weicon Aqua-Flex is perfect for bonding in damp, wet or high humidity environments and can be used to bond and seal a huge range of different material types. Once cured, Aqua-Flex remains highly elastic so that it maintains its bond and seal without tearing due to movement in the parts.

In terms of special features, it’s hard to beat Aqua-Flex’s ability to be used for making repairs to submerged parts. This means that if you have a freshwater pond, tank, pipe or pool that needs repairing, or an issue with a component that sits right on the water-line, Aqua-Flex can still be used to make urgent repairs without drying the part or surface. The video below shows this adhesive in action in just such an environment.

Aqua-Flex combines good UV stability, aging characteristics, salt water resistance and permanent elasticity with a fast skin-over time of about 25 minutes. This combination of benefits, along with the fact that Aqua-Flex is ISEGA recognised for use in food technologies and free of silicones and solvents, has led to it being used in a wide variety of different applications.

Typical Applications Include:

– Sealing Tubes, Water Pipes and Tanks

– Bonding PVC or Plastic Foils (such as pond liners)

– Bonding and Sealing of ventilation and air conditioning installations

– Sealing in high humidity environments

– Repair and Bonding work in the marine sector

– Repairs to leaking roofs or walls

– All areas where products that contain silicones are not permitted

For more information on our Weicon Aqua-Flex, please don’t hesitate to visit the dedicated Aqua-Flex webpage or, alternatively, contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

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