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Weicon Repair Stick Steel

Material AG000366S01 Category

Weicon Repair Stick Steel

This grade of repair stick is ideal for all kinds of metal, pipe, tank, heater and flange repairs and is a fast, easy and permanent solution.

Manufactured from epoxy resin with steel fillers and once cured, is dark grey in colour.

The Steel grade or repair putty featured on this page is designed for making quick and high strength repairs to metal parts and surfaces. It enables quick and easy patching and sealing of cracks, holes, leaks and surface damage on:

  • Machine parts
  • Tanks and conduit pipes
  • Vessels, pumps and housings
  • Balcony rails
  • Stair railings
  • Stripped threads
  • And a wide range of other applications in the DIY and household sectors

Weicon Repair Stick Steel exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of metals (including aluminium, cast iron, brass and stainless steel) and is also used on hard plastics, fibre reinforced materials, wood, derived timber products, glass, ceramics and stone. It is not suggested for use on rubber materials.

Due to their unique design, Weicon Repair Sticks are incredibly easy to use. They ship in sturdy, plastic tubes and that are easily opened and resealed. One part of this two part product surrounds the other so the procedure is as simple cutting off the desired amount, kneading it and using. Prior to this surfaces should be clean and dry (we suggest Weicon Cleaner S or Plastic Cleaner for this task) whilst smooth surfaces should be slightly roughened to assist with adhesion.

Weicon Repair Stick Steel is manufactured from epoxy resin with steel fillers and, once fully cured, is dark grey in colour. This high quality repair compound is capable of bearing mechanical loads (50% of final strength) after about 60 minutes, covers gaps of up to 15mm and cures with very little shrinkage. Once cured, Weicon Repair Stick Steel withstands temperatures between -50ºC and 120ºC (as well as short-term spikes to 150ºC).

This incredibly versatile repair putty is available in both 57gm and 115gm tubes from your local AG.

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