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Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive

Material AG000387S01 Category

Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive

A high thick, pasty epoxy glue and gap filling adhesive designed for high temperature applications.

Easy-Mix HT 180 can handle continuous exposure to up to 180°C and short-term spikes to 230°C. It has an extended pot life.

Easy-Mix HT 180 is a high temperature resistant grade of epoxy glue. This adhesive can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 180°C (once cured) as well as short-term spikes to 230°C.

Easy-Mix HT 180 is thick and pasty which allows for highly accurate application as well as use on vertical surfaces. It is made from mineral-filled epoxy resin and can be used for both bonding and gap filling.

Supplied in a 50ml double-cartridge, Easy-Mix HT-180 uses our Helix mixing nozzles and the D50 Dispensing Gun. The two components are mixed as they travel through the nozzle so there’s no need for measuring or manual mixing. Black in colour, this grade of epoxy has extended pot life and cure times:

Pot Life: 60 Minutes (10ml @ 20°C)

35% Cure: 120 Minutes
50% Cure: 4 Hours
100% Cured: 24 Hours

Weicon Easy-Mix HT-180 is made in Germany and will set to form a hard epoxy compound with a hardness rating of 80 Shore D. Once set, it can be machined.

Weicon Easy-Mix Metal HT-180 Adhesive Material Compatibility
Material Compatibility
Metals (Aluminium, Cast Iron, Brass, Stainless Steel, etc…) ++
Hard Plastics* (e.g. Rigid PVC) +
Fibre Reinforced Plastics
(e.g. GRP, CFRP, Fibreglass)
Wood (Hardwood and Softwood) +
Balsa Wood +
Timber Products (e.g. Plywood) +
Glass, Ceramics +
Stone (E.g. Marble, Granite, Brick, Concrete) +
Rubber, Elastomers

++ Highly Suitable
+   Suitable
–    Not Suitable

* Except for plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacetal, polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) and other fluorinated hydrocarbons with naturally adhesive rejecting surfaces. Within the framework of the above types recommendations, bonding of dissimilar materials pairs (such as metals and hard plastics) is possible.

More detailed information on bond strength is available on the TDS.

Available Sizes

Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 is available from Associated Gaskets in 50ml double cartridge containers.

Each container is supplied with one Helix Mixing Nozzle that ensures the two parts are properly mixed by the time they reach the application surface (extra Helix Mixing Nozzles are also available from AG).  Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 cartridges are compatible with our Weicon Easy-Mix Hand Dispenser D50 as well as some other brands of dispensing equipment.

Pre-treatment of Surface

To ensure good adhesion and a long lasting bond, the surfaces being adhered to must be clean and dry (Weicon Cleaner S or Plastic Cleaner may be suitable for cleaning and degreasing these). Smooth surfaces should be roughened where possible.


Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 should be applied to just one of the surfaces being bonded. The pot life given for this adhesive is for 10ml at a room temperature of 20ºC. If larger quantities are used, the curing time will be faster due to the reaction epoxy resins have with heat. Similarly, higher ambient temperatures will shorten the cure time (a rule of thumb here is that every addition 10ºC increase above room temperature will halve working and cure times).

It is always suggested that users familiarise themselves with the correct Safety Data Sheet before using Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180.

Adhesive Finder Tool

Unsure if this adhesive is suitable for your application? Try Weicon’s handy Adhesive Finder tool!

Additional Information and Resources

PIS Icon
Weicon Easy-Mix HT-180 Epoxy Adhesive Info Sheet
TDS Icon
Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive TDS
SDS Icon
Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive SDS Hardener
SDS Icon
Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive SDS Resin

Max. Continuous Temp.

Min. Continuous Temp.

One or Two Part Glue

Bonding Metals

Bonding Wood & Timbers

Bonding (most) Rubber

Bonding Stone & Brick

Bonding Fibre Reinforced Materials

Bonding Glass / Ceramic

Avg Tensile Shear Strength


Any Approvals for Water / Food

Dangerous Goods for Transport