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Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool

Material AG000294S01 Category

Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool

Our Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool is a versatile tool that makes cutting, stripping and crimping small diameter cables and wires easy. As the name suggests, No. 300 combines a number of functions into a single tool which increases its usefulness and reduces the need for extra tools in your kit.

Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, this high quality tool automatically strips back the insulation from cables between 0.5mm² and 6mm². There’s no need to manually adjust the tool for different cable sizes as the automatic scanning system does this automatically. This means that there’s no chance of accidently damaging the conductor or not removing all of the insulation from the wire.

The Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool is pre-set to strip back 5mm of insulation from the cable but will leave it loosely attached to the wire to allow you to twist the conductor before full removal.

Also built into this tool is a terminal crimping function. Two different size ranges are accepted, 0.5mm² to 2.5mm² and, in the larger of the sections, 4mm² to 6mm². Both are located on the side of the tool and make quick crimping of stripped wiring fast and simple.

Another feature of the Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool is the integrated side cutter. This can cut through cable up to 3mm Ø (6mm² flexible or 4mm² solid). It eliminates the need for another dedicated cutting tool and is ideal for cutting cables to length before stripping and attaching terminals.

his tool is made from premium grade materials in Germany and has been specially designed to be ergonomic, safe, effective and long lasting. The case is made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide while the steel blades (all of which are replaceable) are made from specially made steel sourced from Soligen in Germany.

More information is also included on the attached Technical Data Sheet.

Duo-Crimp No 300 Crimping and Stripping Tool Specifics.

Cable Types:
Fine Wired and Solid Conductors with PVC Insulation.

Weicon Duo-Crimp No 300 Cable Compatability

Field of Use:
Flexible Cables 0.5mm² to 6mm².

Inner Blade:

Additional Benefits:
Side Cutter, Up 3mm Ø (1/8″). Solid to 4mm² / flexible to 6mm².

Additional Features:
Terminal crimping. 0.5mm² – 2.5mm² and 4mm² to 6mm²

Approvals / Certificates:
Safety Tested by TUV NORD.

Case Material:
Fibreglass Reinforced Polyamide.

Length: 160mm.

Weight: 155gm.

Replacement Blade Set (# 51953020).


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