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Weicon Contour Spatula Flexy

Material AG000873S01 Categories ,

Weicon Contour Spatula Flexy

A simple tool designed in conjunction with Weicon Adhesive users around the world.

Our Weicon Contour Spatula Flexy is made to make applying adhesives easier and cleaner. It can be used for applying pasty adhesives across large areas, levelling or smoothing. It is also ideal for troweling and smoothing corner joins amongst other uses.

Designed to make the application and processing of many adhesives and sealants easier. Our Weicon Contour Spatula Flexy is a specially designed scraper with a variety of uses.

The optimised shape was developed in conjunction with Weicon users around the world. The result is a flexible yet stable spatula that can be used for applying, levelling or smoothing on workpieces and surfaces. It is also used for the applying pasty adhesives to larger surface areas and is ideal for troweling and smoothing corner connection joints.

This spatula is also used for the application and production of larger adhesive sealing rings on flange connections. The perforated toothed edge enables the production of even, triangular beads.

The spatula shows good resistance to cleaning agents and is long lasting.



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