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Weicon Contact Adhesive VA 1460

Material AG000186S01 Category

Weicon Contact Adhesive VA 1460

A one-part, cold curing adhesive used with a wide variety of materials. This universal type has a medium viscosity (120-200 MPa) and an extended cure time for accurate application. VA 1460 exhibits good tolerance of changes in humidity after curing which allows it to offer highly reliable, long lasting performance.

Used in a wide range of applications, Weicon Contact Adhesive VA 1460 emits low odour quantities whilst curing which allows it to be used in assembly line environments.

Clear in colour, this Alcoxy Ethyl based grade is also low blooming which results in clean and optically appealing joints which continue to exhibit good flexibility even after the adhesive is fully cured. It is used in applications where temperatures range from -50ºC and 80ºC (with short-term spikes up to 100ºC).

Like all Weicon Contact Adhesives, VA 1460 polymerises by reacting with moisture on both the bonding surface and from the air before curing under light pressure. If used for bonding plastics with particularly adhesive averse surfaces (e.g. polyolefines, PTFE) the surface should be pre-treated with Weicon Contact Primer. Failure to do so will mean that the Contact Adhesive cannot anchor itself to the plastic and a strong bond will be unable to form. It is suggested that users familiarise themselves with the TDS for this product before use.

Weicon Contact Adhesive VA 1460 is available from AG in 30gm, 60gm and 500gm packs. The 30gm and 60gm varieties both make use of Weicon’s proprietary pen system that allows for incredibly accurate, easy application, clean processing and improved dosing.

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Max. Continuous Temp.

Min. Continuous Temp.

Short Term Max. Temp.

One or Two Part Glue

Bonding Metals

Bonding Wood & Timbers

Bonding (most) Rubber

Bonding Stone & Brick

Bonding Glass / Ceramic

Initial Adhesion on Rigid PVC


Any Approvals for Water / Food

Dangerous Goods for Transport