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Weicon Compressed Air Spray

Material AG000172S01 Category

Weicon Compressed Air Spray

A gentle cleaner used on delicate electronics and components.

Each can of our Compressed Air Spray ships with an extension nozzle for effective cleaning of hard to reach places, sockets and cavities.

The spray itself is powerful and dispels dust and dirt in a contact free manner.

Weicon Compressed Air Spray is used wherever dust needs to be removed sensitive electronics. As anyone who has ever looked inside a computer or mobile case will attest, dirt and dust are attracted to tight spaces, crevices or voids and it can be quite difficult to clean these spaces effectively.

When space is limited or the device you’re cleaning is too sensitive to brush, Weicon Compressed Air Spray may be the perfect solution. This highly effective cleaner allows contact-less dust removal and is particularly useful in situations where surfaces must remain dry or can’t be physically accessed.

Potential applications for Weicon Compressed Air Spray include:

  • Cleaning optics (e.g. cameras, lenses)
  • On car fuse boxes and windscreen washers
  • Cleaning clocks and watches
  • Cleaning medical devices
  • In model construction
  • In measurement technology
  • Cleaning electrical components
  • Cleaning the inside of hi-fi and video devices
  • Cleaning the inside of desktops, laptops and mobile devices
  • Cleaning PCBs

Each can of Weicon Compressed Air Spray ships with a nozzle (hidden away inside the cap to prevent loss) which allows you to direct the air flow and ensure hard to reach places are cleaned effectively.

Available Sizes

Weicon Compressed Air Spray is available from your local AG branch in 400ml aerosols.

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon Compressed Air Spray TDS
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