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Weicon Cockpit Spray

Material AG000237S01 Category

Weicon Cockpit Spray

This high quality, water repellent cleaning agent was designed specifically for the cleaning of vehicle interiors.

Can be used on a range of materials and leaves a shiny protective film that prevents soiling and is easy to maintain.


Weicon Cockpit Spray is a high quality, water repellent cleaning agent designed specifically for the cleaning of vehicle interiors but able to be used on all kinds of rubber and plastic parts. Produced in a versatile and easy to use aerosol form, Weicon Cockpit Spray creates an invisible and long lasting protective film that prevents soiling and creates and easy to maintain, silky, shiny surfaces.

Weicon Cockpit Spray prevents bleaching and helps keep synthetic materials elastic and pliable. A highly effective cleaning agent, Cockpit Spray intensively cleans and maintains all plastic surfaces and imitation leather. This spray is also used to brighten up and renew faded colours and surfaces with a variety of different materials.

Typical applications for this high quality technical spray include:

  • The elimination of squeaks from moving parts, levers and joints.
  • Caring for and protecting dashboards, wood, chromium, plastic, leather and rubber parts.
  • Lubricating seat guides, window guides, locks and safety belts as well as other places that grease lubricants cause soiling.
Available Sizes

Weicon Cockpit Spray is available exclusively from Associated Gaskets in very economical 400ml aerosol cans.


Before use, the can of Weicon Cockpit Spray should be shaken. Spray on sparingly and wipe treated surfaces with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Additional Information and Resources

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