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Weicon Brass Spray

Material AG000400S01 Category

Weicon Brass Spray

Weicon Brass Spray is a high quality metallic spray with a metallic brass (matt finish) colour. Designed for the protection and optical refinement of a range of different materials, Weicon Brass Spray is dust dry just 10 minutes after application (approx.) and both hardened and paintable around 4-6 hours after use.

This metallic spray was tested in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 1519 mandrel bend test and exhibited no cracking. It is abrasion resistant and used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Weicon Brass Spray is manufactured from very high purity (about 99.5%) brass pigments and an acrylic resin binding agent. This spray is typically used only on surfaces that have been cleaned and degreased (Weicon Cleaner S may be of use for this task) and can also be utilised in conjunction with Weicon Zinc Spray which serves as a primer for the brass spray.

Brass Spray is utilised in applications where temperatures range from -50ºC to 300ºC. Typical applications for this quality surface and anti-corrosion spray include restoration and decorative work as well as the sustainable repair of yellow chrome-plated parts that have been damaged by drilling, welding or milling.

Available Sizes

Weicon Brass Spray is available from your local AG in 400ml aerosols.


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